Netflix announces Dallas-area cast for third season of ‘Love Is Blind’

Netflix love is blindThe names of 30 Dallas-area singles were revealed Wednesday who will try to establish relationships, and even become engaged, before they set their eyes on each other.

The group includes real estate professionals, health professionals, engineers, trainers, sales representatives and more. The Netflix reality series premieres October 19 with episodes to follow every Wednesday through November 9.

Season 3 moved to Dallas where Los Angeles-based production company Kinetic Content confirmed that all contestants were from the Dallas area. The regional character appears in the first few seconds of the introductory video released by Netflix.

“Get ready,” contestant Raven Ross, a Pilates coach, says in the video. “Yi-hao, darling.”

The ages of the contestants range from 26 to 36 years, and the average ages for both men and women are around 31.

The new season, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, will repeat the first two seasons and maintain the form of 15 men who meet 15 women in separate “capsules.” In capsules, runners will not be able to see each other and only communicate through the wall.

The show isn’t exactly old Chuck Barris The dating game that lasted from the sixties to the eighties. Since it premiered in 2020, love is blindThe format invited the contestants to talk through the walls of the capsules to a stream of potential love interests and try to make a meaningful connection.

If they decide to meet, they must participate, setting the moment when contestants see their peers for the first time. The drama of the reality show begins when couples meet each other’s relatives and friends, live together for the first time, and decide whether to marry.

Set in the Dallas area, Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” begins Season 3 in October

Show hook: When their wedding day comes, will real facts and external factors separate them, or will they marry the person they fell blindly in love with?

The show has its critics. Lucy Mangan Watchman Wrote: “love is blind It’s ridiculous, disgusting, endearing, toxic and healthy by turns — and addictive as hell throughout. I over-watched many episodes as reviewers were introduced and exposed for more. I have never felt better or worse about myself, the world, or my fellow citizens.”

But there is no denying that the show is popular. The second season was on Netflix’s global list of the Top 10 English Language Series, and reached the top ten in 54 countries after its February 11 premiere. The series has been nominated twice for an Emmy, one for Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

This season, bundles of four episodes will be released on October 19, October 26, and November 2. On November 9, the wedding episode and the reunion episode will be broadcast.

The actors were asked three questions pointed into the introduction video. Here are some selected answers:

What are you looking for in this experience?

Barthess Bowden: “She definitely should be able to take my jokes because I make a lot of jokes, and I want her to be able to put some jokes back in my face.”

Brannigan Maxwell: “[Someone who] He has integrity and the ability to have an intellectual conversation and is a good person.”

What can get on the nerves of your future partner?

Dafonte Black: “Maybe you exercise a lot, maybe? Take fitness too seriously? I’m not confident.”

Amanda Langston: “I’m very expressive, and I take things out loud, so I talk a lot.”

What is the largest pet?

Zenab Jefri: “My first rage is people who can’t read a room.”

Cole Barnett: “Bad driver, then. You know, it’s like getting off the road if you can’t drive.”

“Love Is Blind” cast members include Matt Bolton, Nash Buehler, Andrew Liu, Julian Torres, Dale Dalida, SK Allabada, Simar Bajwa, Anthony Lascalia, Zach Gordon, Tony Taylor, Barthes Bowden, Brynnon Lemieux, Dakota Easley and Dafont Black and Cole Barnett.(SER BAFFO / NETFLIX / SER BAFFO / NETFLIX)

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Mention: Andrew Liu30 years old, operations manager | Anthony Lascalia33, lawyer | Barthes Boden27, Senior Analyst | Brennon Lemieux32, water treatment engineer | Cole Barnett27, real estate agent | Dakota Easley29, flight engineer | Del Dalida32 years old, cyber security student | Dafonte Black29, fitness development coach | Julian Torres34, Managing Director of Operations | Matt Bolton28, Private Charter Sales Executive | Nash Bowler34, real estate agent | Sikiru “SK” Alagbada34, data engineer | will pass bajwa27-year-old marketing technology manager | Tony Taylor34, Medical Device Sales Representative | Zach Gordon29 years old, school and boarding quality control manager

feminine: Alexa Alvia27, owner of an insurance agency | Amanda Langston31, designer | Ashley Randman29, chiropractor | Brannigan Maxwell35 years old, critical care nurse | Sharita Scott35 years old, makeup | Chelsea Jordan27, Customer Success Manager | Colin Reedand 26, a ballerina and digital PR strategist | Jessica Gompert30, big event producer | Calicia Adams31, nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit | Kimberly Clark30 years old, teacher and coach | Lauren Langenbeck36 medical devices delegate | Nancy Rodriguez32, real estate investor | Raven Ross29, Pilates instructor | Valerie Trong35, dermatology | Zanb Jafri32 years old, real estate agent

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