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54 mins This is much better from Australia. More intent. Wonder what Arnold said at the break. Joel King has the ball on the left flank and Connor Metcalfe is quick to it. A pinpoint cross is beautifully met by Duke’s head. It is Duke’s eighth international goal and it gives his side the advantage they need.

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48 mins New Zealand get started straight away on the first attack of the second 45. When will the first substitutions be made? Who will they be? Genreau has a free-kick and he takes it with his replaced boots. It floats in and is spat back out and Australia recycle until Sail gathers the ball.

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45+1 mins That was an inexplicable miss. Tilio is a talented player and he won’t be happy with that as both teams head to the sheds as square at the break.

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3 mins I did say we were close to kick-off, did I not? I just mentioned Redmayne, and he has made a swashbuckling run off his line to collect the ball and start a new phase of attack. Delbridge is on the move. A lot of change in possession in the opening exchanges.

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Good afternoon and welcome to live coverage of this, the Socceroos’ final match (so far as we know) before the World Cup. Three days ago in Brisbane, Awer Mabil scored the only goal against the All Whites in an otherwise unconvincing performance. What can they show supporters in the rematch across the ditch in Auckland?

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Goal! New Zealand 0-1 Australia

54 minutes This is much better than Australia. more intent. I wonder what Arnold said at the break. Joel King grabbed the ball on the left and Conor Metcalfe raced to it. A delicate cross beautifully met the head of a rooster. It’s Duke’s eighth international goal and gives his team the edge they need.

52 minutes Genreau trots forward again, this way and that, dodging Bill shuffling his feet. He just got a pass but the Australian team gets the ball back. McGarry pushes the ball to Tellio with his left foot and last, at the top of the penalty area, pushes it toward goal in a way more convincing than that shot in the first half.

The second half, let’s go!

48 minutes New Zealand Start directly in the first attack in the second half 45. When are the first substitutions made? From Will they be? Genreau has a free kick and takes it with his replacement boots. It floats inside and spit out again and Australia recycles so Scheel collects the ball.

This was impressive. A couple of bright spots for Australia But mistakes are many and extravagance like what we have just witnessed will not do the team any favors against opponents in the World Cup group stage such as France and Denmark. You must take advantage of moments and opportunities. If this friendly is a training ground for younger players, let’s see Garang Koala get a chance off the bench not too long ago.

Half the time! New Zealand 0-0 Australia

45 + 1 minute This was an inexplicable error. Tellio is a talented player and he wouldn’t be happy with that as both teams head to the pits as a box at break.

45 minutes Metcalfe makes a minor run down the middle with an interception before directing the ball down toward Duke, who is racing to the right of the area. He can shoot himself but instead, he gets close to Tellio near the penalty kick. He has to bury this from here. But it disturbs his streak and is difficult to monitor. There will be one minute of extra time.

43 minutes Wayne was awake, and a penny ball nearly fell neatly for him in the area only to be removed in time. But only the man can decide this match. And he has a chance on the board here as the ball falls in front of him in front of the goal. He takes a shot and sends it well over the bar. Redmayne signals his teammates to calm down.

39 minutes As it is, says Andy Harper in the commentary, the white team is better prepared for the World Cup than the Brazilian national team, and they are not the ones who qualified. The midfield struggled to make their mark as they defended to reach the first half without conceding a sheet.

35 minutes Wood came out early due to an injury he sustained in a previous intervention, in a blow to the Newcastle United striker. Ben Wayne replaces him, slipping through the challenge of chasing the All Whites’ highball in the Socceroos inning.

33 minutes This is the challenge for Australia. Aside from Leckie’s early half chance, the traffic was mostly one-way. Visitors find themselves forced to retreat in order to move forward but at least space. Genreau, Duke and Leckie were all stopped in their tracks just as Genreau took a seat to assess the batting shoe, which appears to have been ripped in half (or thereabouts).

29 minutes They turn the ball around for a week before Matthew Garbet chases a huge long ball across the field. Deng perfectly adjusts his handling. It’s big, however, and Garbett hits the lawn with some force.

26 minutes Atkinson is back on the field, comforting the Hearts defender not far from the start of the Scottish Premier League season. Dennis Genro and Conor Metcalfe are covering a few meters in midfield in an attempt to cut off New Zealand’s supply. Australia Throw-in but Marco Tellio was quickly blocked by Reed and Marco Stamenic had the ball.

23 minutes After that, a little may have already started to stop a bit in this first half. The All Whites are enjoying the break so far, and this foray ends with the ball at the feet of Just, who hits a speculative cross into the penalty area. There are numbers out there to turn this into a goal but Redmayne is there as I was on Mars Bars yesterday and smothered the ball with his body before Wood could touch it.

19 minutes Atkinson arrived on deck after facing off against Elijah Just, one of the standout players in Thursday’s first friendly match. Coaches on the field examine his knee and help him stand on the sidelines, as he runs from the run. It’s been less than 24 hours since the All Blacks insulted the Wallabies at the same stadium, and while it appears pretty decent, Network 10’s coverage points to some potentially problematic splits.

15 minutes Riley McGarry enters the competition easily. He moves through a very crowded midfield and looks as if he is about to take a shot at goal. He is the king of Scorpios after all. He can hit them from a distance. He swings his right leg back while his teammates squirt forward but his shot was straight into Oliver Seal’s gloves.

12 minutes We get a reminder of the subtle skill of Liberato Cacace, who lifts Chris Wood at the left lateral line. At the time, it was handled with ease, but the former Wellington Phoenix star based in Italy drove the ball back himself, angering Atkinson before a cross attempt was not matched by any other men in white.

10 minutes Atkinson finds Leakey, who attempts, with varying degrees of success, to evade his mark. But New Zealand has different ideas. Payne does a good job early on to keep the ball in play when needed but Australia using the right side.

6 minutes outsmart all eggs Australia On Thursday, the night of the centenary of football. They’ll try to do it again here, but nice early signs of green and gold (and Redmayne turquoise). Leckie is stripped but recovers the ball and dribbles it into the penalty area, passing it to McGree who takes it back to the midfield. Reset.

peep! The first half is underway

3 minutes You said we were about to kick off the game, right? You just mentioned Redmayne, and he made a surprise kick outside his line to collect the ball and start a new phase of the attack. Delbridge on the move. Lots of change in acquisitions in the opening exchanges.

For youth context this eleventh season, eight of them were in the Tokyo Olympics – the Under-23 Championship.

This guy, though, has been around for a while…

Andrew Redmayne is the primary goalkeeper.

You just mentioned the great Australian players who have already left. Here it is in full:

Aziz Bahish, Ajden Hrustek, Jackson Irvine, Fran Karajic, Aware Mabel, Jimmy McClaren, Aaron Mooy, Matthew Ryan, Trent Sainsbury, Adam Taggart.

This could be a disaster or a nice surprise. Regardless, a few youngsters will play for a ticket to Qatar in November.

Meanwhile, the Whites made only a few changes in their first home game in nearly five (5) years.

The big inclusion is from retired Winston Reed, who will captain the team in his farewell, the former West Ham defender leading the All Whites against the same team that debuted. Although this isn’t the World Cup farewell match he might have imagined, Costa Rica paid for it. Bill Tuiluma, who plays for the Portland Timbers in the NBA, also got the nod.

Here is how we start at @edenparknz against the @Socceroos #NZLvAUS 🇳🇿🇦🇺

— New Zealand Football (@NZ_Football) September 25, 2022


Your humble blogger has been diverted to other work related things today and the launch is already creeping in. But let’s take a quick look at the lineups because there are changes. Especially in the starting lineup for Australia. Eleven, to be exact, with most of the top players returning to their clubs. Let’s treat this as a test of depth, then. Coach Graham Arnold made his debut for Harrison Delbridge alongside Thomas Deng in central defence, alongside Nathaniel Atkinson and Joel King. Matt Leakey will be captain after the win while Mitch Duke leads the streak.


1⃣1⃣ changes and 1⃣ debut in our starting side for this afternoon's Trans-Tasman clash in Auckland 💪

We name a mix of youth & experience, with six potential debutants amongst the substitutes 👀

Watch live on Channel 10 from 1pm AEST!#NZLvAUS #GiveIt100

— Socceroos (@Socceroos) September 25, 2022


The beginning of the eleventh

1⃣1⃣ Changes & 1⃣ Our first line-up for this afternoon’s Trans Tasman game in Auckland 💪

We call a mix of youth and experience, with six potential newbies among the alternatives 👀

Watch the live broadcast on Channel 10 from 1pm AEST!# download #GiveIt100

Socceroos 25 September 2022


Good evening, and welcome to our live coverage of the Brazil national team game (so far) before the World Cup. Three days ago in Brisbane, Auer Mabel scored the only goal against the white team in an unconvincing performance. What can they show fans at the rematch across the trench in Auckland?

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