NFL adjusts concussion protocol, Rams player deals with protester, NASCAR layoffs wars: Top sports stories

The NFL adjusts concussion protocols, the Eagles remain undefeated after beating the Cardinals, a Rams player fends off a protester, NASCAR warns of layoffs, and how much is a running ball on his 62nd home run in Aaron Judge? This is the most important news in the world of sports from October 2-9.

1. NFL adjusts concussion protocol after reviewing Tua Tagovailoa

The NFL Players Association and the NFL have agreed to make changes to the league’s concussion protocol after a joint investigation into the actions after Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa He suffered what was described as a back injury against the Buffalo Bills last month.

The League and Players Association said in a joint statement, Saturday, that while the Dolphin team followed the protocol after the injury, the outcome of the Tagovailoa case “was not what was intended when the protocol was drafted.” As a result, a language that addresses imbalance/stability has been added to the list of league protocol symptoms that would prevent a player from returning to the game.

Hasson Reddick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles fires #1 Killer Murray of the Arizona Cardinals during the quarter at State Farm Stadium on October 09, 2022 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)

2. The Eagles remain undefeated, clinging to defeat the Cardinals 20-17

Kyler Murray found receivers on fast hitters and cut the run on determined guards, preparing the Arizona Cardinals for a level field goal, and perhaps even a winning touchdown. It all collapsed with a short slip, a third rise down and a missed kick, sending Arizona to its longest home streak in 64 years. Forced to attempt a 43-yard field goal after hitting the ball in third, the Cardinals lost 20-17 to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday when Matt Amendola pushed his kick far to the right with 17 seconds left.

3. Watch: LA Rams player tackles a protester who ran into the field

A protester-turned-infiltrator bypassed security brandishing pink smoke lamps at the stadium and was confronted by Bobby Wagner of rams – now that protester has filed a police report. You thought he had no issue at all, right? Think again. This interference can be a legal game changer.

The first protester was arrested before she could reach the square. The second, known as Alex Taylor, was able to make it onto the field. As Taylor approached the Rams’ sidelines, Wagner and fellow Rams linebacker Tacharist McKinley took matters into their own hands, sending Taylor to the ground before he could continue.

Direct Action Everywhere – the group that claimed responsibility for both protesters – said in a now-deleted tweet that Taylor “had burns to his arm, but other than that, the two protesters were a bit battered but in good spirits”.

A fan is treated to a smoke bomb on the field by Los Angeles Rams Bobby Wagner, 45th Takrist McKinley 50th and a security guard during an NFL game against the San Francisco 49ers at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on Monday, 3rd. October 2022.

4. NASCAR teams call revenue model ‘disrupted’, warn of layoffs

NASCAR’s strongest teams warned Friday that the venerable motor racing series has an unfair “broken” economic model and has little or no chance of long-term stability, a startling announcement that added to a growing list of problems.

The Cup series heads into Sunday’s Charlotte Motor Speedway track qualifying race with three full-time drivers sidelined by injuries to NASCAR’s new car and no clear answer on how to fix the safety concerns.


5. How much is a 62 running ball on Aaron Judge’s field?

New York Yankees Aaron Judge (Major League) hit his 62nd home ball on Tuesday night in Arlington. Corey Yeomans had the ball and with the judge out of the lineup on Wednesday night, the bidding war will now begin.

The big question is how much is the ball worth? Some have estimated it could be as much as $2 million.

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