7 ways to make your iPhone look like an Android device

For the most part, iPhone offers great user experience and convenient features. But let’s face it, if you’ve recently switched from an Android device, you might miss out on certain things, like some of Google’s first-party apps or the freedom to customize your device. However, even though iOS can’t match the level of customization that … Read more

Valentino and Karma Metrix come together to tackle internet pollution with an energy-saving website

Valentino is paving a way to reduce CO2 emissions on its website with an innovative digital … [+] Sustainability tool, thanks to Karma Metrix. Valentino Since fashion has been known as the second most abused sustainability violator, the industry has gone to great lengths to change the narrative. In fact, according to the United Nations … Read more

Hands-on review: HTC Vive Flow سماعة

HTC Australia sent one of its Vive Flow headphones as well as a compatible Oppo mobile phone to me to try out “immersive virtual reality glasses for wellness on the go”. It’s an interesting marketing slogan and I’m surprised it hasn’t been used for VR marketing in the past. One of my first experiences after … Read more

Disputants must form their own view of risk: Own

As we move into a tougher renovation market, it’s imperative that competitors develop their own view of risk, according to Dan Dick, global head of property analytics at Aon Reinsurance Solutions. Dick said, speaking to smart insurance company. He added, “The important thing now is for companies and contractors to realize how the models are … Read more

The next big thing in science is already in your pocket

Supercomputers are an essential part of modern science. By analyzing numbers and performing calculations that take eons for us humans to complete ourselves, they help us do things that would otherwise be impossible, such as predicting hurricanes’ flight paths, simulating nuclear disasters, or modeling how experimental drugs affect human cells. But this computing power comes … Read more

Venice Film Festival Winners – Full List – Deadline

Modernization: The Venice The Film Festival has now handed out its awards, and for the second time ever crowned a documentary the Golden Lion, with love spreading throughout. Academy Award winner Laura Poitras All beauty and bloodshed Tonight walked away with the highest Medal of Honor. It follows Gianfranco Rosi Sakro Gra (2013) as a … Read more

A Hong Kong court has sentenced speech therapists to 19 months in prison for ‘sedition investigation’ children’s books.

On Wednesday, Laurie Lai, Melody Young, Sydney Ng, Samuel Chan and Marco Fong were convicted of “conspiracy to print, publish, distribute, display and/or reproduce seditious publications.” Judge W.K. Kwok accused the actions of “brainwashing with the aim of instructing very young children to accept their views and values, that is, (Beijing) has no sovereignty over … Read more