Pre-season game thread – Kings @ Sharks, 9/25

Los Angeles Kings 2, San Jose Sharks 3
Overtime finish
Game preview
SOG: LAK – 45 SJS – 31
PP: LAK – 0/8 SJS – 0/7

Kings 2, Sharks 3

over time
2:50 – Brandt Clark escapes from the penalty area and the two teams return to skate 4 on 4 until the start whistle.
1:27 – SJS goal – Logan Couture. The Kings lacked extra time after Logan Couture won him in an extra 3-on-3 session with his first goal in pre-season.

third period
20:00 – It’s time for the third period in San Jose! The Sharks lead 1-0 over the Kings 20 minutes before play.
19:01 – Lake goal – Karl Grundstrom. Brandt Clark put the disc on the Grundstrom bar to redirect at the top of the tuck and the Kings were on the board early in the third!
12:45 – The play was significantly faster to start the third play. Matt Vilalta was active in his tweaks and denied some sharks showing up in the front to keep the game even.
10:35 – A loose puck ball slammed into the front of the Kings net in favor of Mayer and Vilalta and stretched to deny him, making a superb gauntlet save.
9:50 – SJS goal – Timo Meyer. A deflected shot from a point by defender Matt Benning hit Mayer on its way past Vilalta, giving San Jose a 2-1 lead.
8:21 – Thomas Bordello has been called up to the cut and the Kings are back in the power game for the eighth time today, looking to tie again.
6:10 – Sharks get a kill and continue to maintain the lead. San Jose’s penalty frustrated the Kings for most of the day’s games, which were mostly played on special teams.
5:10 – Los Angeles had 40 shots on target in the game. They’re going to keep putting pressure on the sharks as we get into the last five minutes of the third half.
2:35 – LAK Goal – Blake Lisoot. A 2-on-1 game was developed and saw Carl Grundstrom take the ball off the left flank and put it in the middle to Lizotte for the equaliser. The kings were late by a third.
0:00 – Brandt Clark delayed a penalty just 7 seconds before giving the Sharks their seventh performance of the game. San Jose OT will start with a 4-on-3 power up.

second period
20:00 – Byfield is back on the ice to start the second period from Los Angeles. Lias Andersson is out of the box and we are now in the second stage!
18:47 – Grundstrom’s 2-on-1 shot with Lizotte was stopped by Kahkonen. Then, through a confrontation, Roy’s shot was turned away by the San Jose goalkeeper.
17:21 – The Kings are back in the penalty area as Taylor Ward runs off due to a heavy collision. He would sit for four minutes, as it was called a minor double penalty.
14:50 – Akil Thomas came up with a great volleying block in an open look for Timo Meyer. He dived at the opportunity to drive her away from Quick.
11:35 am – Jeffrey Vail of San Jose is called to check out Brandt Clark and Brendan Lemieux’s roughness in the same play. Now kings have their own 4-minute man advantage.
7:40 – Despite Bisson’s last point chance with Andersson in front of the San Jose net, the Kings were unable to resolve Kahkonen and capitalize on strong play.
6:49 – The Kings had their fourth most powerful play of the match from a tough penalty kick that went to Thomas Bordillo of San Jose. During a media timeout, Matt Vilalta replaced Jonathan Quick in the net. Quck finished the match with 17 saves on 18 shots in just over 32 minutes of movement.
5:36 – The Kings go into a 5 on 3 power game with a cross-checking penalty kick on Montana Onibuchi.
4:22 – A great opportunity for man advantage for Arthur Kaliev, who was stolen by Kahkkonen in one time and who saved the most difficult day.
3:30 – Matt Benning of San Jose is out to intervene. Los Angeles will have more time in the upcoming power game.
2:29 – Montana Onibuchi returns to the penalty area to check a cross, and the Kings go 5-on-3 again. What a review to the box here in a second!
0:00 – Lots of penalties per second, but no goals! The Kings outplayed San Jose 20-5 in the middle of the period and had six chances in the PP, but the score remained the same. The score is still 1-0 in favor of the Sharks with 20 minutes to play in San Jose.

The first period
20:00 – The game has begun in San Jose!
19:42 – Just seconds into the game, Jonathan Quick is already in mid-season state! He stole Timo Meier’s 2-on-1 feed from Hertl to keep the game clear of goals early on.
17:48 – The first penalty of the day goes to San Jose’s Jasper Wetherby, who was knocked out due to roughness.
15:30 – The Kings came up empty in the early power play opportunity, despite Lias Anderson’s good opportunity in the lower left circle.
13:35 – SJS goal – Luke Konin. One of the new acquisitions over the summer for the Sharks was early on, scoring in a redirect from a perfect setting by Thomas Hurtl to give the Sharks a 1-0 advantage early on.
13:12 – Kim Nousiainen takes a penalty for holding Thomas Hertl. San Jose to play power for the first time.
11:15 – Helge Grans tend to stumble, giving the sharks a chance to play a shortened energy 5 on 3.
9:17 – A third straight penalty kick called up by LAK, as Akil Thomas was arrested for a tripping violation. So far, Jonathan Quick has been excellent in the first period, doing a great job tracking down the disc.
7:17 – Three hits in a row kill kings! Backed by Quick, Los Angeles still trailed by only a goal despite allowing 11 shots on target in the period including several good looks during San Jose’s strength exercises.
2:37 – The offense of the Kings has been swift thus far, due in large part to the three punishments they have taken. Quinton Byfield played a lot of PK time earlier in this period and did a great job all over the ice.
1:59 – Byfield took an open ice kick from Adam Raska and got up slowly. Revenge of Lias Andersson led to a rough penalty.
1:21 – Lemieux had a shortened detachment with no one else around and was unable to open Kahkonen’s legs. San Jose continues to excel by one goal.
0:00 – The first half ends with Sharks leading 1-0 thanks to Jonathan Quick and a penalty kick that misses San Jose’s four chances in 20 minutes.

Insiders, welcome back to pre-season hockey! As reported in today’s preview, Quinton Byfield and Arthur Kaliyev are expected to make their pre-season debuts, along with Matt Roy and Jonathan Quick. The squad will focus on youngsters in general, and missing players such as Kopitar, Doughty and Danault, in favor of prospects such as Martin Chromiak, Brandt Clarke, Francesco Pinelli and Helge Grans.

Linked game group over hereformations that must be followed. With no telecast for today’s game, our game series will be implemented as play-by-play, as we did with Rookie Faceoff last week. The game will also be broadcast on the radio, with the voices of Kings Nick Nixon and Daryl Evans on the call.

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