Presidents Cup 2022 results, results, standings: Push American stars to the top after day one

It was easy (and perhaps even fashionable) to be optimistic about entering the 2022 Presidents Cup on the first day of the four-wheeler race on Thursday. Perhaps this was just a wishful thinking or just a gesture of goodwill to those on both sides of the matches who stuck out to play at the event rather than defecting from LIV Golf. Whatever the case, the U.S. puts an end to it early and often, racing again to make massive headway to start the festivities at Quail Hollow.

The 4-1 advantage by the US seems enormous, but it could have been a lot worse. The international took the lead after just three of the 83 holes played in over five substitute matches on Thursday, and luckily for the visitors, two of those holes were the last two Cameron Davis and Se Woo Kim played against the giant duo of the American side. Scotty Scheffler and Sam Burns. That was the only bright spot on a difficult day for Trevor Immelman’s team.

None of this was particularly unexpected given both the exhausted international roster and the format of the event. The United States has now won or drawn 16 consecutive four-legged matches (alternate shot), which has proven to be the biggest coordination difference between them and the international team this century. The United States has not lost the Presidents Cup since 1998.

The problems for an international team transitioning to a 20-1 underdog, according to Caesars Sportsbook, are myriad. They will play four balls on Friday in five more games, but will once again have to take on the powerful American team in the quartet on Saturday, and it won’t be much better than it was on Thursday. On top of that, the US now leads by a significant margin after the first day that resulted in only one loss in President’s Cup history (coincidentally, the international team was the last team to make a significant advance after the first session, back in 2019 at Royal Melbourne).

The speech between the two leaders after the matches was expressive. Immelmann, his chin but his eyes hated his confidence, saying the internationals will keep fighting because that’s all they know how to do. Davis Love III says he’s been agonizing over who in the world should be sitting down for the next few days.

A tale of two captains and squads at their disposal. Optimism about the proximity of the Presidents Cup has faded completely after the first five games this week. That’s not to say there’s still a lot of value to keep watching the action, but it probably means what it means for the last eight consecutive Presidents’ Cups: The United States will eventually win.

Below is a breakdown of each match from day one of the 2022 Presidents Cup.

2022 Presidential Cup results

Day 1 (Quartet) – USA: 4 | International: 1

match United State result international


Patrick Cantlay and Xander Shaveli

6 and 5

Adam Scott and Hideki Matsuyama


Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas

2 & 1

Corey Connors and Sungjae Im


Cameron Young and Colin Morikawa

2 & 1

KH Lee and Tom Kim


Sam Burns and Scotty Scheffler

2 August

Cameron Davis and Si Woo Kim

5 Tony Fino and Max Homa 1 up Mito Pereira and Taylor Pendrith

Match 1: Cantlay / Shaveli 6 and 5 over Matsuyama / Scott

Early on, and more often than not, Americans took it to foreigners. After winning four of the first seven holes, Cantlay and Shaveli saw their balloon advance to 4 UP by the time they left the seventh green net. Scott and Matsuyama did their best to win the fight back and had some time to close the match.

With a chance to cut the advance to 2 DN on 10 par-3, Scott let his short bird show fall on the low side and later doubled down on that mistake by hitting the tee in the water on 11 par-4. That was all she wrote in the first game, as Cantlay and Shaveli pulled off a 6, 5 win and improved their four-way record together to 5-0-0 between the President’s Cup and the Ryder Cup.

Match 2: Thomas / Spieth 2 & 1 on Conners / IM

This is a game that has been traded in circles as all four players are massive iron players. After trading equal on the first two holes, Speth and Thomas set foot on the gas by winning three of the next four holes. With a 3 UP lead through six, Im hit the ball and led the international side to a pair of wins to cut the margin to one at the turn.

This was as close as the internationals could get as they let opportunity after opportunity plunge into the side of the road in the back nine. Despite receiving a little help from Connors, Em kept the international team afloat with his steady presence from the tee to the green.

The biggest hit of the match came in 15th (usually No. 18 for Wells Fargo) when it looked as if the international would eventually tie. Instead, Thomas called from a 20-foot equalizer and lost the Conners on the inside 10 to push the American margin back into two with three holes to play.

“The difference was in the match,” Speth said.

The U.S. held on from there and in the process improved Speth’s team record to 17-6-3 and Thomas to 11-2-3 – both undefeated in the Presidents Cup Quartet.

Match 3: Young / Morikawa 2 & 1 on Lee / Kim

With no Dustin Johnson on the list, Cameron Young was the man to team up with Colin Morikawa. Given the way he played on some of the biggest stages last season, it should come as no surprise that Young has thrived in this arena. A booming tee struck from the first tee, and the presumed PGA Tour Rookie of the Year award set the tone for the day.

In a back-and-forth battle with Lee and Kim, the Americans snatched their first lead in third for sixth. Compounding it at the end of the encounter, Young’s short miss in the third-tier finish gave some hope to the internationals. They took it and ran by winning the following holes and tying the match.

Morikawa’s close approach on the par-4 13 immediately crushed any idea of ​​the annoyance as the US bounced back into a 1 UP advance. With three consecutive classes from both teams, a 25-foot-tall bird of Young’s blade put this match to sleep on the seventeenth.

Match 4: Davis / Kim 2 Up over Burns / Scheffler

The biggest shock came on the first day of the fourth game. After making a birdie on the opening hole, it felt as if Burns and Schaeffler were going to escape with this, but Kim and Davis persevered in the face of adversity. The international quickly tied the game but dropped to a 3 DN after Davis threw his approach into the water at Bar 5 for seventh.

Coming back to 2 DN by the time they turned around, Kim and Davis were on fire on their inner half. Slowly, but surely in the American lead, after winning the 14th and 15th place evenly, they eventually drew a square with a massive 16th-ranked birdie.

Set up by Davis, he was followed by another par-4 17 bird to harvest his first lead of the day. With the Americans in trouble on the 18th, Davis and Kim ramped up the flying pitch to secure a 2 UP win and first point internationally at the 2022 Presidents Cup.

Match 5: Homa / Fenau 1 over Pereira / Pendrith

There wasn’t a lot of high-quality golf in this match, but it was the most competitive and second to reach 18th. Pendrith and Pereira made a bogey on four of the first six holes and only saw their deficit grow to 2 DN. The Internationals eventually bounced back with the 5th-placed Sparrows in a 7th and 4th place finish to have 1 DN by the time both teams have completed the front nine.

The Americans kept their lead until the Internationals made Byrdie on the difficult 13th. As was the case in Thomas and Speth’s victory, the pivotal moment came on the fifteenth of the Year 4 balancing act when the United States achieved the miraculous equality of no man’s land to remain equal with three to play.

On the next hole, they were set to regain their lead until Pendrith turned an international birdie from 23 feet away—the only international hit from outside of 15 feet to go down on the first day. The Camel appeared and opened the door for Homa and Finau to claim a 1 UP win in the final match of the day.

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