Presidents vs. Cardinals: Game Predictions and Score

For the first week of the 2022 season, Kansas City Chiefs Confrontation Arizona Cardinals At State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. according to DraftKings SportsbookAnd the Kansas City Preferred by 6 points.

Let’s see what employees – and our readers – think about the confrontation.

Tom Childs (@Tomchilds)

Presidents were the preferred candidates before the cardinals’ problems were announced; The injury reports simply strengthened my belief. Add to that the Cardinals’ terrible home record from recent years and I don’t think the stars quite line up with them. As for the heads up, I’m really excited to see how JuJu Smith-Schuster plays. Part of me still wonders what it would have been like if he had chosen Kansas City 18 months earlier. Better late than never.

Presidents 31, Cardinals 20

John Dixon (Tweet embed)

Here in Kansas City, all the focus is on the damage Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray can do to his legs and arm — and to be sure, Chiefs defenders will get their hands dirty. But it’s something opposing teams fear from Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes. All due respect to the Midians in the fourth year of the Cardinals — who recently signed a five-year, $230 million contract — but if this match is about Murray, it’s also about the Mahomes. I expect the Chiefs’ quarterback has learned his lessons from the 2021 season – and he’s coming the following season ready to prove who’s the big dog in the league truly he is.

Presidents 31, Cardinals 20

Talon graph (Tweet embed)

Time is running out, isn’t it? Here we are about to embark on the 2022 Chiefs’ season with a fun game against the Cardinals. Quarterback Keeler Murray is the star of the Arizona Show. There will be no DeAndre Hopkins – but Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown is a newcomer. The last time Chiefs faced Brown, he had six passes for 113 yards and a touchdown as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. I’m sure defensive coordinator Steve Spagnolo is well aware of that – and this time, he’ll be looking to slow him down. Mahomes and offense looked strong in the two warm-up games we saw, so I expect that to continue on Sunday. No. 15 also alluded toAny one receiver can have a great day.

Presidents 37, Cardinals 27

Mark Jones (Tweet embed)

Football is finally back! I don’t know about you, but this felt like the longest off season ever. But the next five months begin with the start of the premiership season in Arizona against the Cardinals. the bosses Enter this game healthy, while the cardinals are very restless. Rondell Moore is doomed Outside. JJ Watt and Zach Ertz are Doubtful. Given all of that — and chiefs spurring off-season skepticism — I expect Patrick Mahomes and the company to run it.

Presidents 34, Cardinals 20

Ron Cobb Jr. (Tweet embed)

The Cardinal is a very formidable opponent to start the season – but the Chiefs are after them at a time when they are in trouble over absence. The DeAndre Hopkins broadband receiver will not be available and there A handful of key players in the injury report. I think the Kansas City Health Team beats Arizona State—especially in the trenches. I think we’ll see great performances from the Chiefs’ running game, while Kansas City’s passing rush delivers enough passes to block quarterback Kyler Murray and his remaining goals.

Presidents 27, Cardinals 23

Aaron Ladd (aaronladd0)

Ah… Finally, the regular season opener is here. as such Louis Redick tweeted on ThursdayThere is no more hope or hype. It’s time to play the important games. My sense is that the kingdom was inspired by both categories in the off-season. Huge trade has forced Kansas City to reinvent and renew, while the core talents of Mahomes and Kelsey and Reed keep expectations high. Sunday’s opener is the perfect test of the new look from the Chiefs: a standoff with one of the league’s rising midfielder/head coach duos as the Chiefs begin the most challenging opening stage in eight games in league history. The numbers are clear in the first week: Don’t bet on Andy Reed. The winner of his last seven regular season openers, I’m counting on eighth.

Presidents 38, Cardinals 35

Rocky Magana (Tweet embed)

Mahomes faces off against his college coach and mentor Cliff Kingsbury, so you want to believe this is going to be a fun game between two powerful offenses that want to spread the defense and send the ball down the field. But if you look closely, you’ll find that this Arizona team is nothing more than rust painted. The truth is that with DeAndre Hopkins off suspension and Rondell Moore nursing a hamstring injury, the Cardinals will rely on the inconsistent Hollywood Brown and AJ Green in the past to open up against the revamped minor Chiefs. This would be a good match for the guys on defense until their feet got wet. Beyond Kyler Murray’s legs, there’s not much to fear in the heart of the Chiefs’ defence. The Cardinal likes to play trips in excess of the minor and pull everyone to one side of the field so they can run RPO with Murray to the weak side. The only problem is that this only works if you have four wide receivers that can open up and keep the secondary true. Currently, Arizona does not have these. Kansas City must play containment against Murray, which causes him to throw the ball to move the attack down. While this game should be fun to watch, I don’t think the Chiefs would struggle to send the Cardinals out.

Presidents 30, Cardinals 13

Kramer Sanson (Tweet embed)

I think early in the game we’ll see the main faces take over. Patrick Mahomes would have two 50-yard touchdown passes to Marques Valdes-Scantalling or Mikol Hardman, the rush of passes would force Keeler Murray to make mistakes and Tommy Townsend would look well positioned on the sidelines with his incredibly beautiful hair. I have a feeling this is going to be a game where the Chiefs go out front early and give Clyde Edwards Heller the ball for most of the second half. with All affected or suspected Arizona playersThere is no reason for Kansas City to lose in this game.

Presidents 40, Cardinals 20

Jared Sapp (Tweet embed)

The Cardinals are a team I respect – and in full force, I It probably gave them a slight advantage against the bosses. But this Arizona team — already missing out on the DeAndre Hopkins hanging area — is clearly not at its full power. Some of their injured players might try to play on the field, but it would be foolish to push JJ Watt or Zach Ertz hard in a season opener. The Chiefs’ defense would get off to a good start against a mortal Arizona team—and Clyde Edwards Heller would have a heavy workload in the second half.

Presidents 31, Cardinals 13

Nick Schwert (Tweet embed)

The last half of football we saw Patrick Mahomes play in a real NFL game was the worst of his professional career. I bet he spent a lot of time thinking about that while on vacation. Now it goes against an Arizona defense that was some of the worst in the league last year. There is no need to think about this.

Chiefs 27, cardinals 17

Stephen Serda (Tweet embed)

With the 2022 season approaching, I don’t have much faith in the Cardinals; They haven’t improved significantly anywhere. add in The potential absence of JJ Watt and wide receiver Rondale Moore This is preparing for a big win for the leaders. There’s something to prove Kansas City’s offense — and in the opening week, you’ll be making a statement. Arizona won’t be able to keep up with an angry Patrick Mahomes.

Presidents 31, Cardinals 17

Matt Stegner (Tweet embed)

If the cardinals were in full force, they would be dangerous. Then they’ll have a higher wide receiver, an experienced narrow end, a veteran pass duo, and a moving back mid. It seemed that they would really only have one of those active against the bosses. Head coach Andy Reed is taking a very small team to Arizona, so there may be some plays that show they haven’t had much success yet. But with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelsey and Chris Jones, there’s enough star power to win. What must be most exciting for Kansas City fans are all the new faces. You’ll notice some – and some you won’t – but the majority will contribute. George Karlavtis’ junior defensive end will be key to the passing rush and containment efforts against Keeler Murray. Juju Smith-Schuster will lead the receivers at goals, but Skyy Moore will have at least one game that shows his potential. One you might not notice is Trent McDuffie – but you probably won’t notice who’s covering it either. The first game of the new era for Kansas City will begin with the landing of Jodi Fortson – and end with a victory over Arizona.

35 Chiefs, 14 . Cardinals

Brian Stewart (MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen)

Andy Reed and the Chiefs 7-0 the last seven seasons – they’ve come close to NFL record territory one year at a time. They’ll go 8-0 on Sunday when they face Arizona’s already-depleted roster; The Cardinals deal with health issues To such a degree that she is rarely seen heading into the first week’s competition. Patrick Mahomes will stay true to his words, completing 10 different receivers while accumulating over 300 yards. Nick Bolton and Willie Jay will have an outstanding performance against both running and passing, showing the world that they are ready to lead this new version of Chiefs’ defense.

Presidents 34, Cardinals 20

Sweeney’s house (Tweet embed)

Looking at all the fresh cuts, I’m not sure anyone could expect it exactly How will this new attack form the Chiefs unfold – making this game difficult to predict. But I think it’s one of the two critical points. Head coach Andy Reed is notorious for his initial pre-season (he was 8-1 at the start of the Kansas City season and on a seven-game winning streak) and bid farewell for weeks – most likely due to the unpredictability of his attack. He extracted Tyreek Hill, and added four brand-new wide receivers, three blasting narrow ends and a cascading panel, and that makes a problem that Arizona has no data to figure out. Another crucial point is the health factor. Cardinals are at home, but quite restless; they Long list of injuries including key players. Meanwhile, the Chiefs enter the game and lose their tight end No. 2. Patrick Mahomes distributes football to six or more passers to three touchdowns, 300 yards and a happy flight to Kansas City.

37 Chiefs, 14 . Cardinals


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