Recap: Phoenix Suns fall to NBL’s Adelaide 36ers in pre-season opener

It’s just pre-season.


The Phoenix Suns The first part of the 2022-23 season opened Sunday evening against the Adelaide 36ers of the National Basketball Association in Australia. It was supposed to be an easy warm-up game for Phoenix, which was a 29.5-point favorite in the game.

It was far from that.

The Suns trailed by more than three full quarters and lost 134-124 in the footprint position despite being a 29.5-point favorite.

Adelaide is the first international team to beat an NBA team on US soil since 2015, this was the European powerhouse Fenerbahce that beat the tanks Brooklyn Networkswho went 21-61 that year.

But hey, it’s just one game.

Adelaide unleashed a heavy three-point attack on the Suns throughout the match. Seven 36 different triples hit and were combined into 24 of 43 (55.8 percent) of that range.

Craig Randall led second on the 36 with 35 points in 13 of 23 (9 of 17 from a 3-point range). former Washington State Superstar Robert Franks scored 32 points and seven rebounds in 11 out of 20 (9 out of 17 out of a 3-point range).

On the other hand, Suns coach Monty Williams said his goal was to look at multiple formations, especially in the attacking position. However, that was not the theme of the night.

The Suns’ defense allowed the 36 fighters to shoot 46 out of 83 (55.4 percent) from the ground. Phoenix also came out of the recovery with a score of 40-36.

On the flip side, Phoenix striker Mikal Bridges and quarterback Deandre Ayton – who has signed a four-year, $133 million extension in a restricted free agency this off-season – has impressed. Bridges, who has certainly been spreading since last season, scored 22 points on 8 of 12 shots including three three-pointers.

Ayton scored 22 points, six rebounds, and two assists with 11 of 14.

Starting point guard Chris Paul had 12 of the Suns’ 29 passes. Phoenix helped 29 from 48 shots taken Sunday night (she finished 48-98 from the field and 9 from 34 from 3-point range.

The Suns junior team played 22 minutes together, and were +11 on the night. There was no mixing or matching, as Williams made wholesale changes one at a time. In a 22-minute non-starter, the Suns was blown away by 19 points.

The backup four

On paper, The Suns are not much different from their record-breaking 64 wins last season.

Phoenix owns the same team – all-star guards Paul and Devin Booker – along with Bridges, who was the runner-up for the Player of the Year last season, and senior Dunder Eaton. Johnson, who was drafted the same year with Ayton, has made a slight change as the starting power is expected to trade with Jae Crowder soon.

However, the position of the standby power advancement has not been resolved. Williams said during his pre-game press conference that Tori Craig might be the Suns’ spot on opening night. He played at the center with signed free agent Jock Landale at the center of the game.

Craig finished with 10 points and six rebounds in 26 minutes. Landale scored 12 points and six rebounds in a 4-of-9 shot.

Esh Wainwright scored three points in 12 minutes, and Bismak Piombo took just one shot and didn’t score in three minutes behind Landell.

Dario Saric, who missed the entire last season due to a ruptured ACL, struggled in 2021 The NBA FinalsHe did not play on Sundays, although he was well dressed.

Final wrap

Yes, it’s just pre-season. Regardless, it should not result in a loss to the sun.

It is important not to put it very Lots of stock at a loss. Adelaide literally can’t miss. For them, it’s like them Energy.

However, Williams said he is hopeful there will be a transition from the four-day training camp. This did not happen.

Phoenix doesn’t have much to prove – he had the best league record in the NBA last year and over the past three seasons combined – but he does have things to work out. The reserve rotation could have more adjustments as pre-season continues.

The Suns will play next Lakers On Wednesday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The game will launch at 7 PM Pacific Time

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