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The Ravens entered “Sunday Night Football” in their fifth week after losing a record five consecutive home matches. But no one but Justin Tucker cut that streak in a big way against rival Bengals. The most accurate player in NFL history had four different points chances under the prime-time spotlight, and he provided all fours, including a 58-yard field goal and a game-winning 43-yard field goal with time out. Lamar Jackson’s legs helped the Ravens win 19-17, which cemented Baltimore to the top of the AFC North and sent Joe Burrow & Co. below 0.500.

The Ravens’ close win also halted a string of leads at home. Among the team’s five consecutive home losses in Sunday night’s competition were games in which Baltimore rose 17 and 21 points but lost. Jackson helped the Ravens take a 10-0 lead in Sunday’s game, but the Bengals held it before halftime. Meanwhile, Tucker has now netted 72 consecutive field goals in the second half and overtime, including a record 59 consecutive goals in the fourth quarter and overtime, in Baltimore Sun.

Here are some extra points from Sunday night’s North Asia game:

Why did the crows win?

They finally caught the ball. In all seriousness, Sunday’s game wasn’t the prettiest, as both teams suffered a third touchdown and failed to produce efficiently through the air, so he helped Baltimore with ball control to close out the game. Jackson was more regular than usual as he threw deep, missing several wide-open targets below. But the number 8 came one rope late to Mark Andrews after another, and his out-of-pocket transformation was useful on some key kicks to net Tucker’s field goal as time ran out. Despite some decent gains from both JK Dobbins and Kenyan Drake off the field, Jackson remained the difference maker on the ground.

Defensively, the Ravens have easily been at their best since the team’s defeat in the Jets’ first week. Coordinator Mike McDonald, who has been hit hard in recent weeks, ordered lightning strikes at the appropriate times as three different players arrived at Burrow. While his unit allowed 13 games late, allowing Sensei to take a short 17-16 lead, it rallied the Bengals in a separate effort into the red, with Marcus Peters breaking back; And I saw Patrick Quinn score an easy pick for Borough earlier in the night.

Why did the Bengals lose?

It’s a tired criticism to blame Zack Taylor for their lack of offensive rhythm, but predictability problems persisted in Cincinnati: Oftentimes early on, Burrow and co ran when under center and threw the shotgun — which sounds good until you realize how incredibly rare it is for They may mix in play action or shotgun rounds. Joe Mixon moved well with 14 loads, but Burrow had a hard time sustaining drives with that old strategy, not to mention Tee Higgins disappearing due to injury.

When Taylor veered into creative play calls, he did so at the wrong time, killing a flight into the red with a double reversal and shovel pass that essentially knocked the ball out of Burrow’s hands. A combined 13 bashes from Ja’Marr Chase and Hayden Hurst couldn’t salvage the effort, and no other spirited outing from the defense, which snatched Jackson and kept the Ravens QB at just 5.4 yards per attempt. In a close match with nearly equal possession time, they simply couldn’t find the explosives.

turning point

Right after the Bengals run 75 yards, milking nearly eight minutes on the clock to lead 17-16 in the fourth, the Ravens switched to what they do best: the ground game. After a penalty kick on Sensei pushed Baltimore to its 45-yard line, Jackson broke off for 19 yards gaining on and off potential forwards down the right side. His reading option took the ball all the way to the 36 Bengals and allowed the Ravens to control the clock as they delved into Tucker’s territory for the win.

play the game

The Ravens advanced three times just over four minutes ago in the third quarter, when Burrow and Co. on the door. Taylor even ordered something creative (!) to trip the Bengals’ red zone, launching a double reverse that would likely be Philly Special. But Marcus Peters ruined it all – and kept Baltimore ahead – by flying to knock Tyler Boyd off his feet and set up the third and goal in a push that the Bengals would close without points.

What’s Next

The Ravens (3-2) will hit the road for a game with giants Brian Dabol (4-1), who upset the Packers in London on Sunday morning. In the meantime, the Bengals (2-3) will hit the road to face the Saints (2-3), who outplayed the Seahawks in a penalty shootout.

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