Rescale announces intelligent computing automation for energy engineering innovation

Empower IT and HPC organizations with secure, intelligent automation of hybrid and multi-cloud processes to accelerate engineering innovation while controlling costs

San FranciscoAnd the September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/- RescaleHigh Performance Computing (HPC) company designed for the cloud to accelerate engineering innovation. Basic Abilities that helps organizations securely automate computational engineering and science workloads across computing architectures, geographies, and infrastructure services, helping them quickly and efficiently commercialize new product innovations.

Rescale announces intelligent computing automation for energy engineering innovation

Rescale announces intelligent computing automation for energy engineering innovation

Companies recognize the critical role that computing plays in delivering the engineering products that drive business growth. The emergence of computational engineering is bringing unprecedented complexity to the R&D computing stack, with the need to securely run multidisciplinary simulations and machine learning workloads across geographies, on specialized hardware architectures, all while ensuring hardware and software licensing capability and cost control. The proliferation of new cloud infrastructure offerings now provides a suite of specialized computing architectures with continuous improvement in performance and cost effectiveness. Rescale’s new capabilities enable organizations to automate resource decisions based on business objectives while reducing IT risks and strengthening engineering efficiency.

“The ability to capture value from cloud-enhanced supercomputing operating models will outperform traditional HPC operating models,” according to Gartner®, Inc.

“Our decision to partner with Rescale is a major step toward true digital transformation for Hankook Tire,” said Bunhee Ko, who leads the company’s innovation efforts in research and development as Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. “We are committed to developing ourselves for the global mobility market; no rest until we champion the future.”

Hancock Pictures He was developing the R&D strategy and taking the next steps to accelerate the digital transformation. With Rescale, the company was able to automate its proprietary engineering software across multi-cloud operations by balancing loads across different hardware architectures and geographies. Through automated optimization, Hankook Tire is able to prioritize running the latest NVIDIA GPU solutions available in Korea, and seamlessly transition to other new NVIDIA architectures and global cloud capabilities, without affecting any use by R&D engineers or manual work by IT teams.

“Rescale’s cloud control plane approach to hybrid cloud operations enables us to offer unique capabilities for computational engineering that cannot be achieved using traditional methods,” he said. Edward Hsu, chief product officer of Rescale. “Our ability to automate any application on any infrastructure is now enhanced with industry-leading automation that enables our customers to best manage software and hardware resources across geographies, hardware architectures, and infrastructure services, so they can securely power engineering innovations with Cost control.

Intelligent “re-scale” computing automation enables IT and HPC leaders to automate cloud operations with several key features to help ensure maximum productivity for computing engineering workloads while managing costs.

  • Software license Usability improvement – Ensures engineering teams remain productive even if they lack software licenses for their commercial software; It works by arranging tasks until software licenses become available.

  • worldwide Priority of geographical/regional resources – Helps ensure that workloads run in the appropriate geographic region, based on the regional capacity and status of the cloud service provider; Or define policies according to the needs of the data area.

  • Multi-architecture resource priority – It prioritizes computing functions so that if an architecture specified by the user or administrator is not available for any reason, it propagates to other architectures to ensure continuity of engineering work.

  • Multipleservice level priority Enables organizations to run workloads with prioritization across Reserve On Demand, Economy On Demand or Priority On Demand, so they can increase engineering speed at the lowest possible cost.

* Gartner, Inc. chirag dakati et al, Rethinking Supercomputing for a Digital Age, June 9, 2022; Gartner is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and internationally, and are used here with permission. All rights reserved. 2022

About re-measurement
Rescale It is high performance computing built for the cloud, to empower engineers while providing IT security and control. From supersonic aircraft to personalized medicine, industry leaders are bringing new product innovations to market with unprecedented speed and efficiency with Rescale, a cloud platform that delivers intelligent complete automation and performance improvement. IT leaders use rescaling to deliver HPC-as-a-Service with a secure level of control to deliver any application on any architecture and at any scale on the cloud of their choice.

About Hankook Tire Technology Co., Ltd.
With an unparalleled pursuit of innovation and technological excellence at its core, Hankook Tire & Technology continues to invest actively in expanding its core capabilities to provide consumers with maximum satisfaction down the road. Hankook currently operates in more than 160 countries, has eight production sites and five research and development centers around the world, with more than 20,000 highly specialized professionals. Hankook Tires produces exceptional quality, high-performance radial tires for passenger cars, SUVs, ATVs, light trucks, campers, trucks, buses and motorsports vehicles. Hankook Tire & Technology actively participates in global sustainability initiatives and is committed to making the world a better place to live. Its efforts have been recognized in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes every year since 2011 (DJSI Korea from 2011 until 2015, DJSI World from 2016) and received the highest rating from EcoVadis Business Sustainability Rating in the past three years starting in 2019.



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