RHINOSHIELD releases iPhone 14 cases and cases with MagSafe’s superior magnetic pull

Los AngelesAnd the September 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – RHINOSHIELD – the global tech accessory brand known for its high-impact protective cases and customizations – is proud to announce the launch of a new range of cases and accessories to coincide with the launch of Apple iPhone 14.

RHINOSHIELD’s new iPhone 14 cases and accessories offer MagSafe with superior magnetic pull, so you can stay away from the worry of fumbling your phone and focus on the task at hand. With their hundreds of customizations, there is a case for everyone.

The latest release includes a re-release of the upgraded best-seller for the iPhone 14 including the models below. All RHINOSHIELD iPhone cases are highly customizable using color camera loops and buttons to mix and match as you like. Boxes are also available in thousands of prints – choose from one of their stylish collaboration designs or create your own with custom text, a meaningful image or a premium stamp.

  • SolidSuit – Bestselling phone case with reliable grip and interchangeable camera loop.
  • CLEAR – Clear, anti-yellowing phone case has hundreds of different color prints, buttons, camera loops, and customizations available. Complete the look with six different hanging ribbons.
  • Mod NX – Ultra-rigid, fully customizable case with the flexibility to swap back panels to suit the occasion. This case also allows you to take out the back panel and replace it with a flange to turn it into a small, shock-absorbing case.
  • CUSTOMIZATIONS – RHINOSHIELD’s vast arsenal of original designs, collaborations and personal customizations give you endless options to make your case truly your own.
  • CrashGuard NX – Extremely tough, fully customizable bumper cover.

The iPhone case collection offers protective tools and benefits such as:

  • MagSafe Capabilities – RHINOSHIELD cases provide one of the strongest magnetic forces of attraction on the market for MagSafe compatible accessories, two times stronger than official MagSafe products from Apple.
  • BEYOND MILITARY PROTECTION – The bags are made with their own special materials designed to be extremely tough, yet surprisingly flexible, making them extremely difficult to break.
  • Barely a feel – RHINOSHIELD bags are among the thinnest and lightest protective cases you can find. Cases weigh an average of 30 grams – the equivalent of an AA battery – or half that if a bumper is used.
  • BEST FOR YOU AND THE PLANET: RHINOSHIELD has crafted their new cases with your health, safety and the environment in mind. They have been independently tested, meet US FDA food standards and contain no BPA, BPS or BPF. Their cases are also made from a monofilament, which makes it easy to recycle.

RHINOSHIELD iPhone 14 product offerings include useful extras to increase usability and give your device 360 ​​degrees of protection. This includes newly launched GRIP phone, 3D screen protectors, and l multicolorHama.

To learn more about RHINOSHIELD products for iPhone, visit https://shop.rhinoshield.io/shop/apple.

About Rhinoshield:

RHINOSHIELD challenges the ordinary by creating products that deliver maximum impact protection without compromising style. Founded in 2012, RHINOSHIELD has grown from a Kickstarter startup into a global brand of high-impact protective accessories. From the beginning, RHINOSHIELD’s design concepts have been based on creative creativity, and they have continued to develop innovative products, while keeping sustainability at the core of their mission. With stores in AsiaAnd the North AmaricaAnd the EuropeRHINOSHIELD provides technological protection to people all over the world. Find out more on www.rhinoshield.io.

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