Shailene Woodley hasn’t slept for most [Her] adult life

Shailene Woodley Don’t be ashamed of how much she cares about health. But the actor isn’t just talking about following the latest fitness and wellness trends. While that, The forked alum She takes a holistic approach to her health. And in recent years, she has prioritized treatment and is in strong mental health.

Shailene Woodley
Shailene Woodley | Pascal Le Segretan / Getty Images

Shailene Woodley checked her mental health after she started experiencing physical pain

It is no stranger to Woodley, the daughter of therapists, the importance of mental health. However, she admits that, for a while, she didn’t realize that she herself was dealing with extreme anxiety. In an interview with Harper’s BazaarAnd the Ramifications the actor She said that it wasn’t until problems started showing up in her physical body that she realized that something was wrong with her mental health.

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