So, how heavy are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle now?

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There was a glimmer of hope that Harry and Meghan might not be fully together now Cut off from the royal family On Friday, when King Charles, in his first televised address to the nation as King, said he loved them.

After speaking at length about William and Kate’s new roles as the Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles said: “I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad.”

As the olive branches go, this, at first glance, seems like an important thing, but the cold fact is that Charles III actually used his first few hours as king to prove he could actually be a king. No mercy in excluding them From the inner circle of the family if he so chooses.

Although sources close to Charles have always insisted that he loves his two sons and wants nothing better than to heal the wounds with Harry and Meghan, the truth is that Harry and Meghan were subjected to a series of insults within a charged 24 hours after that. The death of the queen.

The first note was struck when Harry’s people announced that Harry and Meghan would be traveling to Balmoral, but then, after several hours of delay, it was announced that Meghan wasn’t going after all.

What happened in the intervening period is now hotly debated, but there is a great deal of opinion building that Meghan was told not to darken Balmoral’s door on William and Charles’ orders.

In fact, the BBC royal correspondent came dangerously close to saying such a thing when he said Saying, on the air: “It may not be greeted so warmly, to be perfectly frank about that.”

It’s not hard to understand the reasons why Meghan didn’t receive a ‘warm welcome’. In addition to the allegations of racism she made against the minors, which are now two years old, Meghan recently issued a veiled threat to release more royal secrets, Says shearing magazine She could “say anything” and did not sign a confidentiality agreement with the minors.

Given that the Queen was nearly helplessly near (at least) while this inappropriate controversy raged, banning Meghan from Balmoral (if that is what happened) arguably was Charles’ first act as king.

Given her threats to reveal secrets, Meghan’s exclusion from the family gathering at the Queen’s bed comes as no surprise.

King Charles III delivers his first televised address to the world from Buckingham Palace on September 9, 2022.

Yu Muk – WPA Pool / Getty

Hanging over it all is the imminent publication of Harry’s diary, what he might say, and who might throw the trash in it. Since Oprah’s surprise interview, and others since, members of the royal family have kept the couple apart, worried that any words spoken to them might eventually be repeated.

What’s even more troubling for the couple’s future prospects for keeping their place on the royal Christmas card roll is the way Harry was not included in the royal ceremony for William, Edward, Sophie and Andrew – Andrew for God’s sake! To Scotland Thursday afternoon on a military plane.

Instead, he was asked to take a commercially chartered Cessna, which departed several hours later, meaning he did not land until after his death was declared.

He then arrived at Balmoral at 8pm, and departed a little over 12 hours later on Friday morning, boarding a scheduled British Airways flight back to London. Charles boarded an RAF plane a few hours later. It has yet to appear what was said, if any, between Harry, Charles and William in the hours they were together. In the dramatic time frame, Harry seemed remarkably aloof.

Then there was today’s speech, and a crowd-loving olive branch. Charles has said publicly that he loves Harry, yes. But the actions of members of the royal family always speak louder than words.

Harry and Meghan knew that one day the Queen would die and Charles would become king. But his anger may have blinded Harry to how much of an enemy effect he was making when he accused Charles of cutting him off, by saying that Charles had told him he had to”Suffers‘, giving the impression in general that he was a ruthless and indifferent father.

Harry may have been among many who expected the Queen to live as long as her mother, who died at the age of 104.

Harry and Meghan certainly did not expect her death this week, but the sudden death of the late monarch made Meghan’s interview very provocative with her. shearing It seems like an increasingly disastrous decision.

While Elizabeth was living, Harry, who loved her dearly, knew there was always a seat at her table for him as a member of the family.

Evidence so far suggests that his father may not be keen on the separation of family and state. Even if he was, the fact is that Harry attacked Charles very personally in a way he was cleverly careful not to do to his grandmother. Therefore, Charles has every reason to complain on behalf of the Crown and on behalf of himself as a father.

But then there was today’s speech, and a very general and loving olive branch. Charles has said publicly that he loves Harry, yes. But the actions of members of the royal family always speak louder than words.

In other words, if Charles really wants to mend bridges with Harry and Meghan, they’d better get good seats at the funeral.

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