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Still the Sheriff of Nottingham

After the fifth consecutive defeat that left Nottingham Forest at the bottom of the Premier League standings on Monday, a national daily reported exclusively that a new and improved contract offer for their manager Steve Cooper has been withdrawn. With more and more voices of confidence in football managers, it was not quite on par with the time Leicester announced their desire to “completely clarify”. [our] Unwavering support for the first team manager, Claudio Ranieri “before his dismissal after less than two weeks.

Since their recent defeat, Cooper’s impending sacking has been written and discussed at length in the newspapers, in podcasts, phone and assorted other platforms, with reflection on the apparent injustice of moving so quickly to weed out a man who had performed a minor miracle in returning the club to the Premier League after more than Two decades in exile, before being asked to keep them there with a new squad that includes several different new players, they are asked to sing in front of them at the initiation ceremonies. Their new teammates took much longer than the Eurovision Song Contest.

After several days of speculation, Forest’s owners released the inevitable statement, prompting reporters to scramble to try and cut and paste the news that Cooper had left his role at the club, was thanked for his hard work and will always be welcomed to the club. city ​​land. Barring unexpected events, it may have been written by Roald Dahl and featured a housewife beating her loiter husband with a frozen leg of lamb who later served her to dinner to cops searching her home for the murder weapon, Forrest announced they had offered Cooper a new and improved deal Until 2025.

“It is important now that we focus only on football,” he said from above. “As a group, we are all focused and will do everything we can to help the team move up the league table and once again show the qualities that led us to the Premier League.” Having been linked with a job at Southampton, which is not yet available as well as his own, Cooper has announced he is happy to be offered a new deal but cautions that it means he could drive Forrest from bottom to top of the table like he did last year.

“If there is talk of [me being sacked] He said. “It does not mean that we will win the next match and everything will be fine. He put an end to the questioning and that is great.” With news of what could be the most expensive vote of confidence going public and a home game against Aston Villa on Monday, the uncertainty surrounding Cooper’s future has been decimated for at least another three days.

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“It is much more important that we become unpredictable again and need different systems for that… Is it 4-4-2, is it 4-3-3 or is it 4-5-1 or 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1? We don’t want to make it more complicated than it is” – if Jurgen Klopp swapped formations against his Liverpool side in the quick way he did when he spoke to befuddled offsides, it’s no wonder they’ve seemed unrelated this season.

Jurgen Klopp gets rid of some tricks in training.
Jurgen Klopp gets rid of some tricks in training. Photo: Nigel Rhodes/AFP/Getty Images

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