Sylvester Stallone, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and more stars who changed their ink after their breakup

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Forget about their past experiences: It seems that some ink and relationships may not last forever.

Four days later Sylvester Stallone’s wife Jennifer Flavin Filed for divorce, the “Rocky” star covered a large tattoo – in honor of his partner – with an illustration of the bull, Botkos. Meanwhile, after Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton split up in 2002, the actress removed his name from the top of her left arm, but kept the dragon underneath.

Here’s a look at some of the Hollywood stars who covered their tattoos after their breakup.

Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone and Johnny Depp have removed tattoos of former lovers.

Angelina Jolie, Sylvester Stallone and Johnny Depp have removed tattoos of former lovers.
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Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone He is the latest A-list celebrity to cover up a tattoo dedicated to their ex. Jennifer Flavin, Stallone’s wife, filed for divorce in Palm Beach County, Florida on August 19 after 25 years of marriage.

Sylvester Stallone’s wife, Jennifer Flavin, spotted without a ring before the divorce file

Four days later, it was revealed that the 76-year-old “Rocky” star had covered the big picture of Flavin’s face on his biceps with an illustration of a bull, Botkos. His late pet starred in the iconic movie ‘Rocky’.

News of Stallone’s new ink surfaced before his divorce and Flavin made headlines, and a publicist for Stallone told the Daily Mail that covering up the tattoo was not about marital issues. His publicist told the outlet that Stallone “had intended to update the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer, but the results were unsatisfactory and, unfortunately, irreparable.”

Sylvester Stallone covered his wife Jennifer Flavin's tattoos after she filed for divorce.

Sylvester Stallone covered his wife Jennifer Flavin’s tattoos after she filed for divorce.
(Mark Piasecki)

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Stallone spoke about the news of the divorce. “I love my family. We deal cordially and confidentially with these personal issues,” the statement read.

Angelina Jolie

The famous Angelina Jolie removed The name Billy Bob Thornton came off her left arm after their split in 2002. The tattoo design featured a dragon under his name, which the actress decided to keep originally. Later, she completely changed the tattoo on her left arm.

The couple first met in 1999 on the set of “Pushing Tin” and married the following year. In 2003, the couple broke up.

Angelina Jolie removed Billy Bob Thornton's name from the top of her arm.

Angelina Jolie removed Billy Bob Thornton’s name from the top of her arm.
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At the time, Thornton and Jolie were among the most famous couples in Hollywood who put the personal digital assistant front and center. During the premiere of “Gone in 60 Seconds” on the red carpet, the couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

They shocked the world when they first appeared in necklaces containing a flask of blood from each other. During an episode of the HFPA in Conversation podcast that aired in 2018, Thornton addressed Blood Necklaces.

Angelina Jolie’s Ex-Husband Billy Bob Thornton Reveals ‘The Only Reason’ The Ex-Couple Wasn’t Finally

“The necklaces were a very simple thing,” he said, “let’s put our fingers with a pen and smear a little blood there and when we move away we will put on the necklace.” “It was that easy. But by the time it was published in the press it looked like we were putting a bucket of blood around our necks.”

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson Dedicate many tattoos to past flames. When he was in a relationship with Ariana Grande, the “Saturday Night Live” star had a tattoo on the cover of the “Dangerous Woman” album behind his ear.

Pete Davidson turned an Ariana Grande-inspired tattoo behind his ear into a heart after their split.

Pete Davidson turned an Ariana Grande-inspired tattoo behind his ear into a heart after their split.
(Getty Images)

After the split, he reshaped Grande’s homage to the heart. In his recent relationship with Kim Kardashian, the comedian showed his love for the SKIMS founder in an even more dramatic way.

Pete Davidson’s tattoo recipes for Kim Kardashian: all his inks for the reality star

Pete Davidson got several tattoos on his body in honor of his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

Pete Davidson got several tattoos on his body in honor of his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian.
(Kim Kardashian Instagram/Getty Images)

Davidson got Kardashian’s first name on his chest. He also showed his support for the reality star’s career in law by tattooing the words “My Girl is a Lawyer”. The couple split after nine months of dating in August, and it’s unclear if Davidson will cover his art dedicated to the Kardashians.

Johnny Depp

one of Johnny Depp The most talked about relationship was with fellow “Scissorhands” star Winona Ryder. The couple dated in 1989 and five months later, the couple got engaged. Depp and Ryder split in 1993.

Winona Ryder Defends Ex-Husband Johnny Depp Amid Domestic Abuse Allegations: ‘It’s Impossible To Believe’

During their relationship, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star tattooed “Winona Forever” on his upper right arm. After the split, Depp badly changed his tattoo to become “Wino Forever”.

In a 1993 interview with Steve Vizard of Australia Tonight, before he changed his ‘Winona Forever’ tattoo, Depp said that the tattoo he has on his body is a ‘magazine’.

Drawing Johnny Depp tattoo

Johnny Depp tattooed “Winona Forever” on his arm in honor of Winona Ryder.
(Barry King)

“These tattoos for me are a magazine,” he said at the time. “Instead of writing it down on a piece of paper, I took the lead and put it on the skin. So I put on my journal.”

Depp continued, “Even though we’re not together anymore, it doesn’t take away the sincerity the moment I got the tattoo… I don’t regret the tattoo at all, in fact it’s part of my past, it’s part of my history, and I’ll keep With it sure. I mean I can add things to it, I can subtract it, I can make it “winno forever,” for example. You never know.”

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith made a bold statement when she removed her husband’s name, Antonio Banderas, from the heart that she had painted on her arm just weeks after announcing their divorce.

Melanie Griffith removed the heart with Antonio Banderas' name on her arm.

Melanie Griffith removed the heart with Antonio Banderas’ name on her arm.
(Getty Images)

In 2014, Griffith was seen at the Taormina Italian Film Festival with Banderas’ name disappearing from her arm. The star covered his name in makeup during a red carpet appearance, and went on to have it removed with a laser. She is best known for honoring her then-husband in 1998.

The couple shares one daughter: Stella, 25.

Heidi Klum

In 2008, Heidi Klum honored her then-husband, Seal, with his name tattooed on her right forearm to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary. The couple married in 2005 and their separation in 2012 sparked Klum’s decision to remove the ink.

Heidi Klum removed Seal's name from her arm, but kept the three stars with her children's initials.

Heidi Klum removed Seal’s name from her arm, but kept the three stars with her children’s initials.
(Getty Images)

The tattoo, which featured Ciel’s name on her forearm associated with three stars with her children’s initials, now contains only her children’s names. The couple shares: Henry, 16, Johan, 15, Lou, 12 Klum shares eldest daughter, Lenny, 18, with Flavio Briatore.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria married Tony Parker In 2007. During their relationship, the “Desperate Housewives” actress had three tattoos on her body in honor of her husband. The couple separated in 2011 and Longoria decided to remove all Parker evidence from her body.

Eva Longoria has been removed

Eva Longoria removed a “nine” from her neck after her split from husband Tony Parker.
(Getty Images)

Longoria reportedly had the number “nine” removed from the back of her neck, their wedding initials on her wrist and Parker’s initials “in a very private, undisclosed location” in 2012. Parker was a professional basketball player in the United States at the time of their relationship .

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Eva Longoria also removed a tattoo on her wrist, which is said to be the couple's wedding anniversary.

Eva Longoria also removed a tattoo on her wrist, which is said to be the couple’s wedding anniversary.
(Getty Images)


In 2016, Longoria took another trip to remove the rest of the tattoos on her body. At the time, she documented the whole process on Snapchat. “This is a story for all young children,” she said in a video. Getting a tattoo is painful, but removing it is ten times worse!

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