T3 Lamborghini team members take legal action over non-payment

Lamborghini customer T3 Motorsport He has been absent from the DTM grid since round two of the season in May, when he was due to run the entire campaign with the factory Aston Martin driver. Nikki Theme A second year contestant My name is Hawk.

There has been growing discontent within the team over the lack of payments amid his extended absence from the race, with its members having to resort to criminal charges on suspicion of fraud.

They argue that the company registered people even though they knew they did not have the financial resources to compensate them for their work. There have also been rumors that the company is insolvent but has yet to file for bankruptcy.

It is estimated that a total of about 15 team members, including engineers and mechanics, some of whom worked as freelancers, owe more than €100,000 in total.

This includes the amount due for the opening DTM rounds at Portimao and Lausitzring as well as the two official Tests in the lead-up to the year. In fact, some team members are said to have not yet been paid for the postponed Rolex 24 IMSA race in January.

With the filing of the criminal complaint, the attorney general’s office is now being asked to investigate the matter. If a criminal offense is deemed to have been committed, the state will take legal action against those responsible.

Motorsport-Total.com has reached out to T3 Motorsport to respond to its members’ allegations, but has yet to receive a response from the team.

Struggle to pay

Esmee Hawkey, T3 Motorsport Lamborghini Huracán EVO GT3

Esmee Hawkey, T3 Motorsport Lamborghini Huracán EVO GT3

Photography: Alexander Trenitz

A longtime member of the T3 Motorsport team who agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity revealed that employees gave money to the team to help it achieve its goals.

“Our concern is not that this company goes bankrupt, but that we get paid for our work,” the employee told Motorsport-Total.com. And at least the payments are made [for the amount] which is still pending.

“We still get mail from the first weekend of the season in Portimão because the rental car pass – or the hotel bill – has not been paid. Since the Lausitzring weekend we get something every week.

“We have nothing to blame ourselves for. We’ve paid the team and are still doing our job – and now we’re just hanging on.”

It was known for some time that the team was under financial pressure. During preparations for the Lausitzring weekend in mid-May, police came to team headquarters and scratched registration seals off the team bus number plates in front of the assembled staff in order to deregister them.

“We should have known at the time that it was for shaky reasons and the insurance might not have been paid,” the team member said. “But we went ahead anyway.”

As it turned out, the Lausitzring proved to be T3 Motorsport’s last ride at DTM, with the team missing the Imola Tour just two weeks later – and all subsequent events since.

Esmee Hawkey, T3 Motorsport Lamborghini Huracán EVO GT3

Esmee Hawkey, T3 Motorsport Lamborghini Huracán EVO GT3

Photography: Andreas Bell

Amidst T3’s absence from the race, team members tried several times to claim the money owed to them out of court, but management thwarted all of their attempts.

The next step was to file a court order to receive the money. However, this was refused by the employer, which increased the legal costs.

Team leader Jens Vogt, who was in intensive care over the weekend in Imola with a viral infection, told team members he would withdraw the refusal and send a debt acknowledgment – thus acknowledging their claims. It gave a short glimmer of hope, but the money never materialized.

So the team members filed a second subpoena, but the team again refused. This is possible without giving any reason – and it can be used to prevent insolvency proceedings.

After two unsuccessful court orders, the only option left was to pressure the team through filing a criminal complaint.

Although the complaint has now been filed, team members remain concerned about the money owed to them, as T3 Motorsport has already sold a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo and other equipment.

Maximilian Ball also uses some of them in ADAC GT Masters, whose father, Tobias Ball, is one of the three contributors to T3 Motorsport. Since August, the team has not competed under the T3 name but instead under the Paul Motorsport banner. In the event of T3 bankruptcy, the process is unlikely to be affected.

“So the assets were further scaled back,” said the same team member. “And everything is rejected – and at some point the bankruptcy case will be filed when necessary, and only then there will be nothing left.”

He stressed that there is no harm to the people involved, but they want to be treated fairly.

“We’re ready to talk, because we had a great time,” he said. “We’ve worked intensely together for many years and had a lot of fun. It’s even more painful that things are going like this now. That’s why we’re also very disappointed on a human level.”

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