The problem of biased AI (and how to improve AI)

AI has the potential to deliver tremendous business value to organizations, and its adoption has been accelerated due to the challenges of the data-related pandemic. Forrester roughly appreciates it 100% of organizations will use AI by 2025The AI ​​software market will reach $37 billion by the same year. The problem of biased AI (and how … Read more

Matt Botty of Xbox asked Microsoft to devise AI bot quality testing devices for gaming

total darkness Ms Sometimes you read a quote and you can see the firestorm that’s about to set in, and that day happened with the head of Xbox game studios, Matt Botty, who “dreams” of using AI in quality assurance testing for future video games, so he asked Microsoft for his help. in knowing how … Read more

AI prepares to change CV risk prevention

Artificial intelligence (AI) is usually applied to analyze a complex set of variables to make correlations that are not easily made by unsupported observation. But the branch of artificial intelligence, sometimes referred to as causal AI, includes not only causation, and appears to have the potential to change the cardiovascular (CV) event prevention paradigm. Ference, … Read more