Australian Cup final: Jewish organization calls for life ban if fans found to have made Nazi salute

CNN – The New South Wales Jewish House of Representatives has called on Australian football to issue a life ban for fans who appear to display Nazi symbols and salutes during the Australian Cup final on Saturday night. On Sunday, Australian Football said it would see all the video and photos at its disposal from … Read more

Brands in Metaverse

The lines between physical and virtual reality are set for an overhaul as the Metaverse continues its gradual entry into our daily lives. While the Metaverse is still only in its infancy, the leading developers in the space have already made it possible for users to work, learn, socialize, play and do business in this … Read more

‘I Still Feel Bad’ by Britney Spears – and ‘The Boys’

Britney Spears’ ex-husband, Kevin Federline, is ready to tell all about his relationship – and that of their children – with the newly released pop star. In a preview clip of his “60 Minutes Australia” interview, Federline, 44, said he “panicked” Spears, 40, apparently during the time her life plunged into a downward spiral around … Read more