Alphabet Pichai CEO continues to sound the alarm about the economy

the alphabet (The Google) the parent company of Google, wants to avoid unpleasant surprises. The company is convinced that a sharp slowdown in growth will have an impact on advertising revenue, its main source of income. For a few months now, the group has been trying to prepare for a dark scenario as the Federal … Read more

These Latinas helped create 5,000 small businesses in Utah – most of which are minority owned

The President and CEO of the Suazo Business Center, Silvia Castro, left, and the founder of the Center, Gladys Gonzalez. Through their work with the Suazo Business Center, the two women have helped about 5,000 small businesses in Utah. (Courtesy of Silvia Castro and Gladys Gonzalez) Estimated reading time: 8-9 minutes West Valley – The … Read more

The Saudi Society for Technology will launch its conference on the cloud next December

RIYADH: After leading a rally that began in 2018, real estate lending to Saudi banks has slowed over the past year due to slower growth in the retail sector, according to the Saudi Central Bank, also known as the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. In the second quarter of 2021, the mortgage lending growth rate halved … Read more

Saudi Arabia to explore unknown waters in the desalination sector

RIYADH: Desalination doubled in Saudi Arabia over the past decade to reach 2.2 billion cubic meters in 2021, compared to 1.1 billion cubic meters annually in 2010, thanks to the comprehensive overhaul of some existing plants and the introduction of new technologies. For example, Jubail 2, one of the largest desalination plants in the Kingdom … Read more

How to get paid on YouTube | family finance

Whether you’re creating daily vlogs or makeup tutorials, content creators have the power to reach a massive audience on YouTube, with more than two billion people logging onto the video site every month. But while many creators now earn enough to focus on producing YouTube videos full time, Make money on YouTube It’s not easy. … Read more

Opportunity market in Orangeburg for job seekers | Sweetened

The Orangeburg region labor market has ample job opportunities, but inflationary pressures require employers to raise wages and be creative in attracting workers. At Fairey Cheverolet in Orangeburg, General Manager Joseph Fairey IV said employee retention was the biggest challenge. “We’ve had more sales in our store in the last two years than I’ve had … Read more

Why the ladies’ co-working space woke up, the suite failed: “Extremely toxic’

When Danielle Alvarez returns to the ward In Soho last summer, she saw the writing on the elegant and perfectly lit mint green wall. “I walked into the space and was in shock at how much he died… He was always so busy. You can’t get a seat,” said the 33-year-old, who enthusiastically paid nearly … Read more

Is the world’s financial firefighter ready?

Is the world’s financial firefighter ready? The G20 countries should commit to doubling the core capital of the International Monetary Fund.. (Shutterstock) The world needs to prepare for a series of financial crises across emerging and developing economies. The writing is already on the wall, with Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka currently queuing at … Read more

Expect the jobs report to get hot and could lead to an aggressive Fed

An “We’re Hiring” sign is placed at the Target store on August 5, 2022 in San Rafael, California. Justin Sullivan | Getty Images Job growth in August may have slowed from July’s frenetic pace, but it is still expected to be very strong, with broad-based employment in many sectors. Monthly jobs data is always important, … Read more

Monshaat has provided more than 200 training programs for Saudi entrepreneurs, as the Kingdom bets on small and medium-sized companies

Riyadh: The General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises, or Monshaat, offers training programs for entrepreneurs to enhance the sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product. Established online academic facilities in 2020 to support aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners by improving their ability to access markets, manage existing institutions and explore options to grow their … Read more