The Montana Department of Health seeks to eliminate the board of directors that listens to pleas for public assistance

Montana health officials are asking lawmakers to abolish a board that hears pleas from people they believe have been wrongly denied public assistance benefits. Since 2016, General Assistance Council Fewer than 20 cases are heard annually, and very few have not been canceled, but preparing for those appeals and board meetings takes time from staff … Read more

Reproduce ketamine in rare cases associated with autism

ketamine It may be an effective treatment for children with activity-dependent protective protein syndrome (ADNP), a rare genetic condition linked to intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder. Also known as Helsmoortel-Van Der Aa syndrome, ADNP syndrome is caused by mutations in ADNP gene. Studies in animal models indicate that low-dose ketamine increases the expression of … Read more

‘Children shouldn’t have smartphones’: the battle to revitalize children and fit them into a warmer future

All over the world, children’s fitness and activity levels are declining. Image / 123RF Today’s kids are less fit than previous generations, which wouldn’t put them well as adults in a warmer world. Written by Nikki Pellegrino. The heat wave has continued through the European summer affected people’s health. Extreme heat can lead to a … Read more

How do documents in gun-friendly countries talk about gun safety

Samuel Mathis, MD, tries to cover a lot of things while testing his patients’ wellness. Nutrition, immunizations, dental health and staying safe at school are some of the topics on his list. The Texas pediatrician asked another question for the children and their parents: “Are there firearms in the home?” Dr. Samuel Matisse If the … Read more