Elliot Cadeau hiring: Top 2024 guard sees stocks heading higher

Elliot Cadeau is well aware that he is widely regarded as the best goalkeeper in the 2024 class – just don’t expect him to care at this point. His plan focuses more on the future as it relates to national employment arrangements. “It doesn’t matter where I am now in what order,” Cadeau says. “Staying … Read more

Men’s Golfweek Preseason Team Rankings 2022-23

The busy summer amateur season has faded as schools across the country decline, which means college golf is back in season. Vanderbilt, who reached the NCAA semi-finals last year, is back in a strong starting lineup including Gordon Sargent, who won a singles title as a freshman last season. The Commodores will face some competition … Read more

ESPN’s college football coverage remains the gold standard

1. College football season has finally arrived. As discussed with the athleteAndy Staples this week SI Media PodcastI hate that this week is called week zero. Sure, games are pigs, but they’re still games that will spread points and telecast, so they should be respected and referred to as something other than week zero. During … Read more