How NHL Players Will Change the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Expansion of the Stanley Cup playoffs is a hill to die upon. My last breath will be spent uttering the words “Play…in…round”. I’ve explained my philosophy and procedures before in this column, but I repeat: There are now 32 teams in the NHL. In the pre-Gary Bettman expansion period, 16 teams advanced from 21 to … Read more

September 25: National Hockey League news report

Gaudreau, who signed a seven-year, $68.25 million ($9.75 million average annual value) contract with Blue Jackets on July 13, helped achieve goals 1:04 spaced apart in the second half. Patrick Lin (8:03) and Jacob Voracek (9:07) which gave Columbus a 3-0 lead. Goudreau said about Lin and Kent Johnson. “They are skillful players, they are … Read more

The Five Biggest Moves of the NHL Offseason

Sergey Belsky – USA TODAY Sports Summer is almost over, and what a wild ride. Let’s look back at the five biggest moves of the 2022 NHL off-season and take a moment to appreciate how hot the stove really is. Johnny Goudreau marks in Columbus So much has happened since signing Johnny Goudreau that it’s … Read more