Marvel’s Kevin Feige influences Netflix’s Stranger Things expansion

Netflix Weird things He recently finished his massive fourth season, but the expectation surrounding his future remains high due to the latest set of episodes along with a rumored expansion. The Duffer Brothers have been teasing the franchise’s spin off ideas in years past, but the pair haven’t shared it with anyone. Although, Finn Wolfhard, … Read more

Disney+ confirms releasing 47 movies and shows in September (Marvel, Star Wars, and more)

Disney+ had a strong August month. Welcome to the She-Hulk Month from Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk: A Lawyer in the MCU, plus five shorts that follow little boy Groot. There was also a first-time livestream of Pixar’s LightyearNot to mention the Sing-Alongs for Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. But what might September bring? we will, … Read more