Shania Twain Feels ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Before New Album Ever Released

CNN – Shania Twain’s life can make a country music song hell. In fact, there is a lot of material that can make many great country music songs. She survived a difficult childhood, lost her parents in a car accident and at the height of her career, was diagnosed with Lyme disease – a An … Read more

How TV coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral changed my opinion of her

I wasn’t expecting that to happen. But I was very moved on Monday by the TV picture of Queen Elizabeth’s coffin She was lowered into her vault at St George’s Chapel in Windsor with the Queen Bagpipe plays her for comfort. The choreography in which he plays as he walks alone down the corridor of … Read more

The state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: what to expect

London (CNN) – The The death of Queen Elizabeth II He started a complicated period of mourning that would culminate in a huge state funeral on September 19 Honoring her life of sincerity and unwavering service. Named after “Operation London Bridge”, arrangements for Britain’s longest monarchy It was carefully orchestrated for years by the various … Read more