Should patients stand on BP desk readings?

Standing desk blood pressure (BP) readings, alone or with sitting blood pressure readings, outperform sitting blood pressure readings for the initial diagnosis of Hypertensionsuggests a new study. Combining three blood pressure measurements while standing and three sitting at the same visit may result in “a faster diagnosis and provide a return trip for people to … Read more

Chronic deficiency of exercise associated with HFpEF

A chronic lack of exercise – termed ‘exercise deficiency’ – is associated with cardiac atrophy, decreased cardiac output and chamber size, and decreased cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) in a subgroup of patients with heart failure With preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), researchers say. They suggest that increasing the levels of physical activity for these sedentary individuals could … Read more

AI prepares to change CV risk prevention

Artificial intelligence (AI) is usually applied to analyze a complex set of variables to make correlations that are not easily made by unsupported observation. But the branch of artificial intelligence, sometimes referred to as causal AI, includes not only causation, and appears to have the potential to change the cardiovascular (CV) event prevention paradigm. Ference, … Read more