YouTuber solves a bizarre TV movie mystery in a ’90s family photo

A clip from the recently rediscovered TV movie “The Soulmates: The Gift of Light” which first aired in Canada in 1991.GIF: YouTube / Gizmodo Will Sloan, a Canada-based movie podcast host, posted an old family photo online in 2016, asking if anyone knows the animation playing on the TV in the background. Oddly enough, no … Read more

Jeff Bezos tweeted about eating McDonald’s

Jeff Bezos can eat a McDonald’s hamburger with nostalgia, even though the rest of us find it hard to digest.picture: Matt Winkelmayer (Getty Images) Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is A McDonald’s Hamburger For Humanity — And It’s Outrageously Dry, flat The thing that hides his curiosity with naturelather spices and class. The human and the … Read more