The natural world in motion: Wildlife documentaries are local to our radar

The global climate has been in decline for decades now. The increase in the number and frequency of natural disasters is glaring evidence of that. Countries around the world are facing the real threats of climate change. Take Pakistan, for example. Since June this year, it has been inundated with rainfall and by August more … Read more

Selling stolen cell phones from Mumbai in Bangladesh and Nepal

Last month, the Mumbai Police Crime Branch made an arrest on tip that led to the discovery of an entire cell phone theft racket and revealed how courier companies and villagers in the city along the Indo-Bengali border were smuggling stolen cell phones across the country. the border. By the end of August, the police … Read more

Reliance emerges as winner after India’s wheat ban | Business and Economics News

New Delhi, India – On the evening of May 13, India announced a surprise ban on wheat exports, attracting almost all buyers and sellers of unprepared grain. One notable exception was billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries, which has since entered the grain business and quickly became the country’s second largest wheat exporter in the period … Read more