Opinion: The Supreme Court’s next target may be the most important law on the web

After repealing the right to abortion earlier this year, the Supreme Court’s next target may be the most important law the United States has been able to enact in relation to the Internet. On Monday, judges agreed to hear cases against Alphabet Inc., Google Inc., GOOGL, + 3.13% GOOG, + 3.28% and Twitter Inc. TWTR, … Read more

The thorny problem of preserving internet time

In 1977, David Mills, an eccentric engineer and computer scientist, took a job at comsatD.C. Mills, a Washington-based satellite company, was a well-established reformer: He once built an audio device for his girlfriend’s uncle, and he had consulted Ford about how to put paper-tape computers in cars. now in comsatMills became involved in ARPANET, the … Read more

Amazon, Meta and Snap smart glasses are just the beginning

The blurry outline of the next stage of mobile computing is finally transformed into a clear image of an inhabited landscape smart glasses. naturally, Not everyone can see it yet. The fact that smart glasses come in so many different types – sometimes they are even confused Virtual Reality Headsets (VR) – It only added … Read more

US online casino gambling set for expansion

Wayne Barry The Associated Press Atlantic City, NJ – With sports betting spreading across the country as states, casinos, and consumers eagerly embrace the new gambling market, online casino games have grown much more slowly. Participants at a major casino conference on Friday said that the online casino market has huge potential for growth and … Read more

Alphabet Pichai CEO continues to sound the alarm about the economy

the alphabet (The Google) the parent company of Google, wants to avoid unpleasant surprises. The company is convinced that a sharp slowdown in growth will have an impact on advertising revenue, its main source of income. For a few months now, the group has been trying to prepare for a dark scenario as the Federal … Read more

How to delete your personal information from the Internet

Once upon a time, it was possible to monitor information available about you on the Internet. But with the widespread use of the Internet and the emergence of many social media platforms, this information is not only quickly accessible, but also difficult to remove. If you find yourself wondering if you can erase your data … Read more

Crypto company reinvents the internet

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur The shareholders themselves. You are reading Entrepreneur India, an international franchise of Entrepreneur Media. Web3 helps people own and operate a personal Internet. Instead of corporations, people now have decentralized autonomous organizations that work between creators and consumers, defined by rules and the assets owned by them rather than the corporations. … Read more

Biden issues another vague call for ‘reform’ Section 230

President Joe Biden speaks before boarding Air Force One at Columbus International Airport in Columbus, Ohio, Friday, September 9, 2022, after attending the opening of Intel’s new computer chip facility in New Albany, Ohio.picture: Manuel Palcy Cineta (AP) Since taking over the White House in November 2020, President Joe Biden has made repeated calls to … Read more

Editorial: Short events about blasphemy, sawing, praying for the planet, and defeating solar | editorial

by the editorial board Thank you sir, may I have another? The Cassville School District in southwest Missouri has made national news about its decision to reinstate corporal punishment. That is, the blasphemy of students who are deemed to have committed a serious offence. Parents still have to allow punishment to be used in writing, … Read more

Starlink could be a ‘game changer’ for remote scientists and businesses in Kimberley

A protection organization is set to trial Elon Musk’s new satellite internet service, which could provide connectivity to scientists in normally isolated areas of the Kimberley. the main points: Remote worker piloting Starlink between Derby and Broome despite not being rolled out in the area Scientists hope to use the service to transmit data and … Read more