Revealing the stories of the Ukrainian resistance after the withdrawal of Kherson

near the city of Kherson, Ukraine CNN – Two Russian soldiers were walking down a Kherson street on a spring evening in early March, just days after Moscow captured the city. The temperature that night was still below zero and the electricity went out, leaving the town in complete darkness as the soldiers returned to … Read more

Ukraine alleges Russia deceived a dirty bomb at a nuclear plant

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) – The Ukrainian nuclear power company said Tuesday that Russian forces are carrying out covert work at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, activity that could highlight Russia’s allegations that the Ukrainian military is preparing a “provocation” with a radioactive device. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu made baseless allegations that Ukraine was preparing … Read more

What is a dirty bomb and why is Russia talking about it?

CNN – Russia accuses Ukraine From Planning to use the so-called dirty bomba claim rejected by Kyiv and its Western allies as a bogus operation that Moscow could use as a pretext to escalate the Kremlin. war against its neighbour. A dirty bomb is a weapon that combines conventional explosives such as dynamite and radioactive … Read more

Russian and Ukrainian forces prepare for a major battle in Kherson

Kyiv, Ukraine (AFP) – Russian and Ukrainian forces appear to be preparing for a major battle for the strategic southern industrial port city of Kherson, in an area illegally annexed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and subject to martial law. Fighting and evacuations were reported in the Kherson region as Moscow tried to bomb the … Read more

Putin’s advocate Yevgeny Satanovsky says he penned a ‘kill list’ of Western officials on Russian state TV

The fateful Russian invasion Ukraine disintegrates at the seams, and Senior Kremlin propagandist break up with him. In the absence of good news from the front, the Putin regime is promoting other ideas about how to deal with self-disaster. The eminent experts who routinely appear on state television controlled by the Kremlin categorically reject the … Read more

Frustration over Ukraine’s war spreads on Russian state TV

Russia’s withdrawal from a major Ukrainian city over the weekend has drawn anger from an unexpected audience – the state-run media that usually describes Moscow’s war in glowing terms. A series of embarrassing military losses in recent weeks It has posed a challenge to prominent Russian news and political talk show hosts who are struggling … Read more

Russian torture chambers revealed in the Ukrainian city of Balaklia

Balaklia, Eastern Ukraine – “Our Father who is in Heaven,” the words of the Lord’s Prayer begin in the side of a wall in a turning police station torture chamber In the recently liberated city of Balaklia. The floors of the cells were still stained with blood, and the smell of human excrement and rotting … Read more