Shania Twain Feels ‘Stronger Than Ever’ Before New Album Ever Released

CNN – Shania Twain’s life can make a country music song hell. In fact, there is a lot of material that can make many great country music songs. She survived a difficult childhood, lost her parents in a car accident and at the height of her career, was diagnosed with Lyme disease – a An … Read more

New documents revealed on birthday

The world stopped spinning when the news broke Pop legend Michael Jackson dies In late June of 2009. The 50-year-old “Thriller” singer was found unresponsive at his Los Angeles home after suffering cardiac arrest caused by propofol – a drug said to be routinely used by Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray. Death was judged to be … Read more

Turkish pop star Gulesen arrested for pranking religious schools

The Turkish pop star’s arrest over her mockery of religious schools has been met with a harsh response from critics of the government who see it as bent on punishing those who oppose her conservative views. Pop singer Goulsen was imprisoned Thursday awaiting trial for inciting hatred after a pro-government media broadcast a video of … Read more