The Knicks think the point guards will ease the burden on Julius Randle

Julius Randle used the phrase “easier for me” earlier this week when discussing what Add point guard Galen Bronson It will mean a healthy return to veteran goalkeeper Derek Rose for him this season. Knicks coach Tom Tebodeau also believes having these two players in his rotation will reduce the ball-handling burden on Randle, who … Read more

NBA Media Days – The best quotes from around the league as teams start the 2022-23 season

NBA training camps and the 2022-23 season are just around the corner, and players and coaches are set to preview their team’s upcoming campaigns at their media days this week. For some teams, this year’s Media Day will be the first introduction to some big off-season additions. Among them is the new shooting guard for … Read more

Knicks desperately needs Jalen Bronson to get the Clyde Fraser effect

The Knicks’ perpetual quest to find the Next Clyde isn’t quite as intersecting as the Jets’ half-century-long search for New Joe Willie. But the ambiance is almost identical. Walt Frazier and Joe Namath weren’t just dynamite stars in similar jobs – ranger and quarterback – they were dynamic personalities who gave their teams flair and … Read more

Robert Sarver says he started the process of selling the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, and the NBA’s Mercury Phoenix.

Owner Robert Sarver announced Wednesday that he has begun the process of selling both the Phoenix Suns of the NBA and WNBA Phoenix Mercury privileges. “As a man of faith, I believe in atonement and the path to forgiveness,” Sarver said in a statement Wednesday. “I was expecting the commissioner’s one-year suspension to allow me … Read more

Sun: Where the NBA CBA Talks Stand, Plus New Issues on the Players Association’s Agenda

With a mutual opt-out date of December 15 looming for NBA And the Players Association under the current collective bargaining agreement, both sides are in serious talks about the key points that will shape the league’s new CBA. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA Executive Director Tamica Trimaglio and their parties recently had extensive conversations … Read more

After Robert Sarver’s investigation, LeBron James insists the NBA ‘definitely got it wrong’

LeBron James He detailed his disappointment with the NBA’s punishment of Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver, writing “Dorina definitely got it wrong” in a series of social media posts on Wednesday. Sarver was banned from the NBA for a year and fined $10 million after the league on Tuesday released its findings from a 10-month … Read more

Nets’ harmony equation is straightforward, but it may not be easy

after suffering summer of indignationHow can networking become one happy big family again? Or at least tolerate a marriage of convenience? It may not be that easy. Look for the discord, and you are likely to find the application; But it may also contain a photo of the Brooklyn season, an image full of struggles … Read more

With Tim Hardaway’s instigation, the TMC Warriors’ Run trio are officially reunited with the Hall of Fame

7:51 a.m. ET Kendra AndrewsESPN Golden State Warriors Legends Chris Mullen and Mitch Richmond had an important announcement to give to the Chase Center fans during the April 7 Warriors game against the Los Angeles Lakers. “Dub Nation, we had great news this past weekend,” Mullen said. Warrior legend Tim Hardaway is a member of … Read more