The Knicks think the point guards will ease the burden on Julius Randle

Julius Randle used the phrase “easier for me” earlier this week when discussing what Add point guard Galen Bronson It will mean a healthy return to veteran goalkeeper Derek Rose for him this season. Knicks coach Tom Tebodeau also believes having these two players in his rotation will reduce the ball-handling burden on Randle, who … Read more

Knicks desperately needs Jalen Bronson to get the Clyde Fraser effect

The Knicks’ perpetual quest to find the Next Clyde isn’t quite as intersecting as the Jets’ half-century-long search for New Joe Willie. But the ambiance is almost identical. Walt Frazier and Joe Namath weren’t just dynamite stars in similar jobs – ranger and quarterback – they were dynamic personalities who gave their teams flair and … Read more

Jeff Van Gundy doesn’t see the Knicks as a lock to ‘play in’ the NBA

Point guard Galen Bronson was a “wonderful addition” but not enough to make the Knicks a sure-fire participant in the “play-in” NBA championship. That’s how former Knicks coach Jeff Gundy, the star analyst at ESPN who speaks his mind and is close to Tom Tibodo. Although Van Gundy says it’s too early to convict the … Read more