Pioneering Sustainability and Circularity in a Timeless Industry – POLITICO

Circular economy – What’s Next? The circular economy is one of the building blocks of the European Green Deal and Europe’s Agenda for Sustainable Growth. Circulation is also one of the six EU environmental goals included in the EU classification. European institutions have identified textiles as one of the sectors with the highest rate of … Read more

The ‘DNA’ of plastic pollution could be used to hold manufacturers accountable for cleaning it up

Thousands of marine mammals, reptiles, fish and birds die every year, usually from starvation, after mistaking plastic waste for food. the main points: There is now technology to embed the plastic with a code that can be traced back to its manufacturer Researchers advocate developing cheap, accessible devices to read the code and hold manufacturers … Read more

A looming mental health crisis

Raised with a big heart and an inquisitive mind, Reese Fassett spent her adolescence learning and worrying about the planet and its protection. She has made her motto “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” and by 15 years old, she has become a vegetarian to reduce the environmental impact of her diet. A year later, when her friends … Read more

A home in Alberta built from over a million recycled plastic water bottles

Outside Millet, Alta. There is a house built entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. Ecoplast Solutions Almost finished turning 1.2 million empty water bottles into a home. “When you tell someone you’re building a house out of recycled plastic water bottles, it’s hard to fathom,” Kelly Rogers said with a smile. Rogers is the managing … Read more

One Green Planet partners with conscious clothing brand Tiny Rescue on epic recycled T-shirts

Less than 10% of plastics are recycled, which is alarming because plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade. Even then, plastic only becomes microplastic, which is harmful to humans, animals and the planet. More than 100 million marine animals die each year from plastic waste alone. Tiny Rescue is a conscious lifestyle brand that works … Read more