France’s Macron seeks ‘enormous’ support for renewable energy

Saint Nazaire, France – French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday called for a “massive acceleration” of renewable energy development in his country, including offshore wind and solar farms, with a new plan that seeks to cause delays. France Closer to the energy policies of its European neighbors. The move comes amid a major energy crisis … Read more

As the tokamak heats up, scientists must control the runaway plasma

Fusion researchers are working to raise energy plasma in their reactors so they can generate more power using smaller tokamak equipment. When the plasma diffuses into this highly active state, it can explode against the walls of Tocamexwhich leads to damage to its internal components. A new study conducted in Korea shows that magnetic controls … Read more

How Running Changed Me – Amy Gublerch

Noun: Amy Gublerchage: 31hometown: Twin Cities, Minnesotaworks: Registered DietitianRunning time: 18 yearsOperation reason: I run because sports taught me that the impossible is possible. Growing up, I ran cross-country and cross-track in middle school and high school but didn’t take it seriously. I started running more and more in college and completed my first studies … Read more

A scarcity mindset is normal, but it can lead to poor financial decisions. Learn how to make fear work for you.

this is Article – Commodity Reprinted with permission from NerdWallet. We’ve all seen it in grocery stores in 2020. The shelves, which were stocked with toilet paper and hand soap, were empty. We hid in our homes, deep cleaning all surfaces, and sometimes we challenged COVID-19 threat Catch Last remaining bottle of hand sanitizer in … Read more