Metaverse could pump $1.4 trillion a year into Asia’s GDP: Deloitte

A new Deloitte report said the adverse impact on Asia’s GDP could range between $0.8 and $1.4 trillion annually by 2035. Weiquan Lin | moment | Getty Images deadA big bet on the metaverse is perhaps the status of the company in dire straitsBut a new Deloitte report suggests virtual reality could have “transformative effects” … Read more

Dave Chappelle on ‘SNL’: A timeline of controversy over his transgender jokes

CNN – Tonight Dave Chappelle will host “Saturday Night Live” For the third time – an appearance that aroused controversy even before he went on stage. The comedian has sparked growing outrage in recent years for releasing transgender jokes, and outrage increased last fall when Netflix released a Chappelle special, “the closest,” He doubled down … Read more

Apple sued iPhone privacy settings after Gizmodo story

picture: LOIC VENANCE / Contributor (Getty Images) Apple is facing a class action lawsuit for allegedly collecting iPhone user data even when the company’s privacy settings promise not to. The lawsuit, which was filed Thursday in federal court in California, comes days later Exclusively reported by Gizmodo When looking at how many iPhone apps send … Read more

Investors Flee Big Tech for the Old Economy, Here’s What It Means

The world’s largest tech companies, once the darlings of Wall Street, have lost nearly $3 trillion in combined market capitalization over the past year. Remarkably, this is after the high-tech Nasdaq Composite surged more than 7% in Thursday’s biggest market rally in two years on a cooler-than-expected CPI, but still high. Faced with an economic … Read more

China’s manufacturing hub in Guangzhou has been partially closed as the COVID outbreak widens

Editor’s note: A version of this story appeared in CNN’s news bulletin around the same time in China, a three-times-week update that explores what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it’s affecting the world. Register here. Hong Kong CNN – The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has locked down more than … Read more

Who is working to end the threat of deepfakes created by artificial intelligence

The above images of Trevor Noah and Michael Kosta show what happens when they are placed through an AI image generator with the “Two Men Dancing” prompt, as well as whether or not the image has been modified to reject AI image manipulation.picture: Alexandre Madre Like many of the world’s best and worst ideas, MIT … Read more

Former NBA Champion Changes ‘How He Builds the World’ to Fight Climate Crisis

London CNN Business – Three years ago, a hurricane Destroyed The Bahamas, claimed dozens of lives. Today, the country is building what it claims to be the first in the world carbon negative Residential community to reduce future potential climatic disasters To alleviate the housing shortage caused by the storm. Rick Fox, a former Los … Read more

CEO of Startups on Raising Kids with an Entrepreneurial Mind

Since she was young, Cheryl Siu Hwi has always known that she wants to run her own business. “When teachers asked what your ambition was…and many children wanted to become doctors or lawyers. My ambition was [to be] business woman ” CNBC Make It. That childhood dream is now a reality for the 39-year-old entrepreneur, … Read more

Why tech spending will rise even as stocks fall and layoffs

Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images After recent earnings from big tech companies and the growing headlines of layoffs in the sector, tech investors can be excused from feeling some confusion: Is the tech-led economy about to fall off the slope of a recession? like stock And the Microsoft It was bombarded after they … Read more