‘Avatar’ returns to theaters with Disney starring in James Cameron’s long-delayed sequel

symbol picture Source: Walt Disney Studios Na’vi returns to the big screen this weekend as Disney It’s looking to reignite interest in the newly acquired Avatar franchise, three months before the debut of the much-anticipated sequel, “Avatar: The Way of Water.” Bringing the highest-grossing movie ever to theaters has two purposes for Disney: to stir … Read more

Queen Elizabeth death jokes censored by John Oliver

Britain’s Sky TV has censored portions of ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ due to jokes about… The death of Queen Elizabeth II – Viewers criticize the choice on Twitter. Oliver, 45, opened the HBO show – which Received a 2022 Emmy for Outstanding Variety Talk Series At the awards ceremony Monday night – with … Read more

LeBron James and Drake sued over movie rights, per report

NBA star LeBron James Grammy-winning rapper Drake, along with their media companies, are among the defendants listed in a lawsuit alleging their involvement in the improper acquisition of “intellectual property rights” for an upcoming documentary. according to report from New York PostFormer NBA Players Association president Billy Hunter and his attorney, Larry Hatcher, filed a … Read more

Why the ladies’ co-working space woke up, the suite failed: “Extremely toxic’

When Danielle Alvarez returns to the ward In Soho last summer, she saw the writing on the elegant and perfectly lit mint green wall. “I walked into the space and was in shock at how much he died… He was always so busy. You can’t get a seat,” said the 33-year-old, who enthusiastically paid nearly … Read more

New documents revealed on birthday

The world stopped spinning when the news broke Pop legend Michael Jackson dies In late June of 2009. The 50-year-old “Thriller” singer was found unresponsive at his Los Angeles home after suffering cardiac arrest caused by propofol – a drug said to be routinely used by Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray. Death was judged to be … Read more

Why is HBO Max removing so many series and movies

what’s going? The media landscape is certainly different from the early days of the pandemic, and HBO Max is still in flux. There are countless reasons why HBO Max is removing shows like “Generation,” “Infinity Train,” “Vinyl,” and “The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo.” But it falls into three main areas: cost-cutting, a shift in the … Read more