The internet kicks off Andrew Tate’s toxic jerk from the funniest places

this is good.picture: EA / CmrTV Music / Kotaku Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer turned misogynist who recently launched from every major website you can think of For being a piece of bullshit. But his legacy now lives on as an obstacle to everyone’s memes. In case you’re not online just like the rest of … Read more

Fortnite TikTok creator Epic Dragon Ball Z Troll . Explains

If you were online at all last week and track fortnite/Dragon Ball The crossover happened, the odds are so good, you’ve probably come across someone missing out on an apparent sommer mispronouncing Goku’s iconic attack. “So we all know Kameyamama beat it,” creator Dagwummy said in his August 18 video. spread like wildfire. Soon everyone … Read more