Editorial: Short events about blasphemy, sawing, praying for the planet, and defeating solar | editorial

by the editorial board Thank you sir, may I have another? The Cassville School District in southwest Missouri has made national news about its decision to reinstate corporal punishment. That is, the blasphemy of students who are deemed to have committed a serious offence. Parents still have to allow punishment to be used in writing, … Read more

Matthew Lewis claims Air Canada “rip” his first class ticket and “pushed” him into economy

‘Worst airline in North America’: Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis slams Air Canada as he claims it ‘torn up’ a first-class ticket and ‘shocked’ him in economy class for ‘complete flight’ Written by Kate Dennett for Mailonline Posted: 09:27, August 29, 2022 | updated: 09:49, August 29, 2022 Matthew Lewis criticized Air Canada as he … Read more