The historic failure of COP 27 puts the future of the planet in the hands of brands

While Cop 27 continues the age-old debate over whether wealthier countries should pay climate change reparations to those most affected, it’s the brands that hold the real power to make immediate and meaningful change. With hyper-engaged global audiences and ridiculously frequent consumer transactions, global brands have more power to effect change than governments struggling to … Read more

MTV Hustle 2.0 launches India’s first AI-powered rapper

As Realme MTV Hustle 2.0 continues its epic quest for the latest rap sensation in India, leading youth entertainment company MTV India has teamed up with the country’s leading creative company, DDB Mudra Group, to launch BotHard – the AI-powered rapper, from… Latest Creative Art Bot. The revolutionary campaign combines artificial intelligence with the rhyming … Read more

Grammy |

With six years and four full Korean albums under their belts, NCT-127 has made one thing very clear: their sound is unpredictable. The nine-piece K-pop group – a sub-unit of the South Korean boyband – often fuses genres and instruments in innovative ways, and their latest album, 질주 (2 badies)is no exception. Released on September … Read more