The historic failure of COP 27 puts the future of the planet in the hands of brands

While Cop 27 continues the age-old debate over whether wealthier countries should pay climate change reparations to those most affected, it’s the brands that hold the real power to make immediate and meaningful change. With hyper-engaged global audiences and ridiculously frequent consumer transactions, global brands have more power to effect change than governments struggling to … Read more

Falling home prices is coming. High unemployment could make it much worse

London CNN Business – Last year, Auckland’s largest real estate company was unable to sell properties fast enough to meet demand in New Zealand’s largest city. Homes were “flying out the door,” said Grant Sykes, a principal at the Barfoot & Thompson real estate agency. “There were chin-breaking moments when agents would stand across the … Read more

The post-pandemic mental health breakdown in the entertainment industry

Silhouette of a production in progress on a white stage. GT Mental health has begun to be treated with more importance over the past decade. Charities, non-profit organizations, and campaigns were launched around the world as we began to realize as a society that mental health is just as vital as physical health. Usually at … Read more

London’s rental market has become a ‘nightmare’. Here’s why

London CNN Business – For Rebecca Blasquez, the past few weeks have been a “nightmare.” The 22-year-old university graduate lives in Madrid but hopes to find work in London before starting her master’s degree, and has spent a month searching online for a room to rent. in London on a budget of £900 ($1,070). I … Read more

The rise of artificial intelligence in insurance – a double-edged sword

Insurance companies have relied on data for the life of insurance. Today’s insurers use big data from countless sources to insure more accurately, rate risk and create incentives to reduce risk. Advances in data capture and storage allow more information about consumers than ever before. From information technologies that track driving behavior to social media … Read more

COP27 begins with a rallying call for rich countries to pay the sums

The COP 27 summit sees delegates from nearly 200 countries gather in the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh for talks on how to tackle the climate crisis. Sean Gallup | Getty Images News | Getty Images SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt – Top officials kicked off the proceedings at the major United Nations climate conference … Read more

Russia says the British Navy blew up Nord Stream, and London denies involvement

Russia says British Navy personnel have blown up pipelines Russia says British naval personnel helped attack Crimea Russia does not provide evidence for the claim Britain denies the Russian allegations Russia says it will seek the attention of the United Nations LONDON (Reuters) – The Russian Defense Ministry said on Saturday that British naval personnel … Read more

The world’s largest dirty energy club is cracking – Politico

Click play to listen to this article The fossil fuel industry is facing the unraveling of one of its most important international agreements — and the man running the show isn’t taking it very well. A string of major EU governments have now abandoned the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), a deal between 53 countries originally … Read more

5 things to know on October 24: UK, RSV, Hurricane Roslin, Trump, Diwali

CNN – NASA has a team in place that will start studying today unknown weather phenomena, known as Unidentified Flying Objects. The group of 16 people – made up of astronomers, astrophysicists, biologists, former Pentagon officials and a former astronaut – will collect data on unspecified events in the sky and make their findings public … Read more

Boris Johnson drops out of the race to be UK Conservative Party leader and next prime minister

CNN – Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson He withdrew from the competition to become the next Conservative Party leader and thus the next Prime Minister. Johnson claimed he had the support of 100 MPs – the minimum required to pass the ballot threshold for Conservative membership – but declined to run, saying “it simply … Read more