Takeaway from the Buffalo Bills Week 1 depth chart: Spencer Brown is listed as the right tackle start

The buffalo bills The 2022 season will begin Thursday night when they face the Los Angeles Rams.

Even if the Bills stayed on roster wise, the team had one of the best rosters in the NFL. Buffalo, however, did not stand idly by. They added von Miller, seen as the missing piece of the puzzle, to bolster their swipe impulse. However, Miller was not the only new addition to the defensive line. Buffalo added DaQuan Jones, Tim Settle, Jordan Phillips, and Shaq Lawson to their young core. The team added more to the defense in the draft with the likes of Kair Elam, Terrell Bernard, Christian Benford and Paylon Spector.

In attack, Buffalo added talent despite having a loaded squad. Jamison Crowder, David Coisinberry, James Cook, and Khalil Shakir joined the team via free agency or enlistment.

With the match less than a week away, the two teams have revealed their depth charts for the first week. For the Bills, we now have a better understanding of the roles of the returning Buffalo players and the new faces.

Here are some of the most important things included in the depth chart.

Spencer Brown was included in David Cosinberry’s list upon right intervention

The off-season comeback put Spencer Brown in a second-year offensive encounter behind David Cosinberry on the Bills depth chart all summer. Buffalo had a clear plan for Brown and slowly brought him through training camp and pre-season.

The Bills were definitely smart about how to tone down Brown’s comeback, but there have been some questions about whether he’s got enough actors this summer to start the right tackle. Brown appears to have answered every question the team asked because he was listed on Quessenberry.

Buffalo needs Brown to take the next step in his development this season. He had his moments as a rookie, but there was a lot of choppy play. Now that he’s back in the starting role, it will be interesting to see what Aaron Kromer can unlock in the big tackle.

Although Brown appears to have won the primary mission, Quessenberry still has to play a big role in the Buffalo swing.

Back to square one in kick back?

Raheem Blackshear and Duke Johnson have been the key Buffalo kick back this season. They are both on the Bills coaching squad, but except for promotion to the main roster, the team will have to go elsewhere in order to return kicks.

As it currently stands, Isaiah McKenzie is listed as a return for Buffalo with James Cook as the number two comeback man. Although he is listed first in the depth chart, it will be interesting to see if he actually takes charge against the Rams.

McKenzie is explosive as a returnee, but has had issues with employee turnover in the past. Looking beyond spin rate issues, the McKenzie is Buffalo’s starting slot receiver. The Bills can turn into Cook to return kicks while keeping McKenzie rolling for his offensive role. It is something to watch.

James Cook: RB3?

Speaking of Cook, the Bills have the rookie as their number three running behind Devin Singletary and Zack Moss.

While some fans may be concerned about Cook’s spot on the depth chart, don’t read too much into it.

Singletary landed a Buffalo comeback role based on his play last year. Behind him, Buffalo will likely have specialized roles for both backs.

Moss looked even more explosive this summer after showing he has fully recovered from the ankle injury that crippled him in 2021. The veteran could spell out Singletary early in the season, but his defining role could be capturing tricky yards in short-range and distance situations or being the goal line. The core of the team.

Cook will likely get early opportunities as a striker in the Buffalo Offensive, but he has additional equipment that both Singletary and Moss lack. If the Bills are looking for a house that ran out of background, the chef can get his number in Week 1 and all season long.

All three must be considered in the Buffalo offense.

Quintin Morris’ big summer might make him rank in a decent role

Quintin Morris’ play this summer led to Bills veteran OJ Howard, a free agent signed in 2022, but that’s not where it ends. Morris is listed as Buffalo’s No. 2 narrow end on the initial depth chart.

Morris is moving well and has shown excellent improvement as a blocker this summer. Dawson Knox will get the majority of the cast on a tight end for the Bills, but Morris gives the team an intriguing option if they want to run some two sets of tight ends or simply give Knox a break on the sidelines.

Bernard claims the job of strong back

Bills don’t work much from 4-3 looks in defense. Tremaine Edmonds and Matt Milan play close to every quarterback for Buffalo’s, but the team can look to run a few sets of quarterbacks against the Rams. If that’s the case, Buffalo pick third-rounder Terrell Bernard might get his first crack at the job.

Buffalo’s initial depth chart put Bernard on the starting roster in this role on veteran Tyrell Dodson.

How Billings uses Bernard out of the gate will be something to watch. Its sporty style gives Buffalo many options in terms of use. He has the ability to cover players and can be used as a blitzer defender as well.

Khalil Shaker is proving to be a trustworthy gambler

Buffalo turned to rookie Khalil Shaker this summer to handle comeback assignments. He’s proven trustworthy at a small sample size this pre-season with two fair catches and average bouncers of 7.8 yards per return. As long as he continues to protect the football, Shaker is likely to occupy the job of returning punting all year long.

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