The Bengals win overshadowed the injury of Tua Tagoviloa of the Dolphins

Cincinnati – The Cincinnati Bengals beat the Miami Dolphins 27-15 Thursday night, but the Dolphin quarterback sustained a head and neck injury. Toa Tagoviloa In the second quarter was the story of the match at Paycor Stadium.

Thursday night’s match between the Bengals (2-2) and the Dolphins wasn’t pretty but Cincinnati managed to win in the end.

However, Cincinnati won’t complain about how it won. Bengals opened the season with consecutive losses. As in the fourth week of last season, Cincinnati ended up with a tough game on its hands, at home, on Thursday Night Football. And just like last year, the Bengals did enough to secure a much-needed win.

Describe the game in two words: Feeling upset at peak times. On a show night for the Bengals, Cincinnati was a bit slow but still in the mood for another win on Thursday in night football.

Selling performance breakout: Bengals ran backwards Joe Mixon He looked good early in the team’s opening campaign when he picked up steady yards and scored his first touchdown of the season. But over the course of the game, Mixon production was discontinued. It took 17 buggies for the Mixon to hit 50 yards, which isn’t the efficiency the Cincinnati coaching crew wanted for his accelerating attack. In the fourth quarter, Mixon crammed third and goal into the one-yard Miami line.

QB breakdown: Cincinnati quarterback Joe Borough He didn’t have one of his best performances against Miami and the proof is in the NFL Next Gen Stats. Excluding throws behind the line of scrimmage, Burrow completed his first 10 passes of 10 air yards or less. On intermediate throws between 10 and 19 air yards, however, he missed his first five attempts. Burrow managed to overcome any difficulties with some deep passes that moved the attack, including a 59-yard touchdown pass to a wide receiver. T. Higgins.

worrying trend: Well, let’s talk about crime again. For the third time in four games, things haven’t been great for Cincinnati. Fans inside Paycor Stadium booed the offense on two different occasions. There were some bright spots, but the sluggish display in the first three quarters will be frustrating for those hoping for a week three win over the New York Jets, meaning the offense was turning a corner. – Ben Baby

Statistics not estimated to find out: The Bengals scored a touchdown in an opening campaign for the second week in a row. They had two TDs for the opening payout all last season.

Next match: At the Ravens (8:20 p.m. ET, Oct. 9)

The Dolphins lost to the Bengals in their first prime-time game of the season, losing their title as the last AFC team undefeated in the process.

But none of that was of particular importance.

Not on a night when a dolphin quarterback Toa Tagoviloa He was immobilized and taken from the square on a stretcher after sustaining head and neck injuries that sent him to hospital. This is the second week in a row that Tagoviloa has been forced out of the match after hitting his head on the ground, although he injured his back last week.

The dolphins said Tagovailoa was conscious and had movement in his limbs at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. According to his broadcast report, he is expected to be released and return to Miami with the team.

QB breakdown: While preparing for the possibility of Tagovailoa not being in Thursday’s game, coach Mike McDaniel said such situations are the reason for signing a veteran player like Teddy Bridgewater in the first place. At this point in his career, Bridgewater is more of a game manager than someone who will go out and lead an offense. The highlight was a 64-yard pass to Trek Hill That put Miami deep in the red. He also threw a costly interception in the late fourth quarter.

penetration performance: Raheem Mostert Take control of dolphin back ground with a 69-yard sprint on 15 buggies. He looked like the team’s best comeback over the past three weeks, and he got the basic share of the workload, which he was most impressed with. Chase Edmonds Who had five holds for six yards and two holds for 14 yards. Edmunds also brought down an early landing, cementing Mostert’s claim to the role of rear captain. He expected him to lead the way to move forward until his hot hand was finished. – Marcel Louis Jacques

Statistics not estimated to find out: With a 64-yard reception in the 3rd District, Trek Hill He already has as many 60-yard receptions this season (2) as he has over the past two seasons (one in 2020 and one in 2021).

Next match: At the Jets (1 p.m. ET, Oct. 9)

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