The Eagles Notes: A quality that’s definitely underrated for this team

Notable high school reversal, revealing defensive stats and a look at the Eagles’ wide receivers just two years ago.

The Eagles are undefeated, 10 notes are undefeated, we are all undefeated!

1. One thing about this Eagles team, we know they are very talented. We know all the star power Howie Roseman brought this season as well as the talent that was already there. But that’s also a very physical team, and that’s a great combination.

It starts with Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham, Jason Kelsey and Lynne Johnson, who play the brand that Eagles football fans demand. But there is definitely an imposing, aggressive physical gameplay throughout the court. The rest of the team follows the lead of the two lines. Whether it’s linebackers getting numbers to ball carriers, defensive back receivers, Miles Sanders plowing through the middle of traffic, Dallas Goodert stomping on safety or penetrating AJ Brown from stepping in for a few extra yards, this team has the mindset of just hitting The other team takes pride in being physically more than anyone on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

A lot goes into being a successful team, and talent is just one part of it. You need men who share, men who play well together and men who are smart. But you also need guys who like to take it to the other team physically and this group clearly does.

2. This time last year, Eagles High had Darius Sly and Stephen Nelson in the corner, Avonte Maddox in the hole and Rodney MacLeod and Anthony Harris in the safe. And after a shaky first half, that group played well enough for the Eagles to make the playoffs.

But one of the most impressive things Roseman has done in a casual season full of impressive moves is rebuilding the entire secondary stage, keeping only Slay and Maddox out of the main group. And with three new players – James Bradbury and Chauncey Gardner – Johnson new to the Eagles and Marcus Epps new to the starting line-up – they now have one of the best candidates in football, with QBs rated at 69.2 passers-2second abbreviation– The weakest in the NFL, just behind the bills.

Remember last year? This number was 95.4. The opposition QBs completed 69% of their passes against the Eagles last year – the worst in the league. Now that number has dropped to 56.4 – the best in the league. Plenty of football left to play, but the Eagles went from one of the worst defensive back fields in football to one of the best overnight. This is unreasonable

3. The Cards is the only NFL team not to have an offensive 40-yard game this year. In fact, they don’t even have a play longer than 30 yards. The Eagles have nine plays over 30 yards and five 40-yard plays.

4. One of the most encouraging things to come out of this first month of the season is Sanders responding positively to a slew of pregnancies. Sanders has never been a size runner. Doug Pederson used it sparingly and cautiously, which made sense because Sanders got hurt so much. Pederson was trying to stay healthy, and Sanders averaged 12.3 pregnancies per game in two years under Doug. That number dropped to 11.4 last year as Sanders struggled with injuries again.

But Sanders – so far – has been tough, durable, and dependable because he’s been handling a slew of career maneuvers. He’s not only third in the NFL in the rush yards but he’s sixth in the load, and that’s a huge step for him. If he can prove that he can be healthy and productive as a 12-plus player per game, he will be much more valuable – both in terms of his next contract and his value to this team.

On Sunday, Shane Steichen continued to feed Sanders as conditions got worse and worse, continuing to move the sticks to professional highs with 27 holders for 134 yards. The only defenders in Eagles history to have opened a season with at least 72 holders and an average of 4.9 after four games are Wilbert Montgomery in 1980, Ricky Waters in 1996, and Lysine McCoy in 2013. This is an elite company, and this is where Sanders is now.

5. Imagine if Donovan McNabb owned Defonta Smith & Brown? earned him. Five of them had a brilliant career without an elite reception. You see what kind of difference Brown made to Galen Hurts.

Think about this: From 1999 to 2003, Eagles wide receivers had a total of 21 games with at least 80 yards and two games with at least 130 yards. This is a five-year period, 92 games including post-season. This year alone, in the span of four weeks, Eagles receivers have fought five games at 80 yards and two at 130 yards.

McNabb had to TO for 1½ seasons and DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin at the end. But I take comfort in saying that if McNabb had had receivers like Brown and Smith for much of his career, he would be a Hall of Famer.

6. Last year Hurts had 12 completions for at least 30 yards, which ranked 23research and development Among all the midfielders. This year, he already has eight, which is 2second abbreviationAlmost in the league behind Russell Wilson (who has 11 but played another game). Since 1994 – which goes back to pre-Track Stathead play – over 30 yards completed in a season by the Eagles QB is 25, by McNabb in 2009 – 15 of them to D-Jack.

7. I wonder why no one has complained lately that the Eagles don’t train long enough in bootcamp.

8. Goedert is not a wide receiver, but it does have wide receiver numbers. Since opening day last year, Goedert has averaged a ridiculous 11.1 yards per target, and averaged just one WR (minimum 50 catches). That’s Kendrick Bourne of the Patriots, who is 11.4. Also since opening day last year, Goedert has averaged 14.9 yards per catch, and only seven WRs have averaged higher.

These numbers are nuts. Here’s my favorite Goedert stat: He averaged 12.8 yards after the catch per reception this year. No one else in the league has passed 10.8, and the next tight end is 7.8.

With his speed, strength and toughness, he is almost unable to handle it.

9. Yards allowed per game is one of my favorite defensive stats because yards allowed and points allowed often depend on field location, what the offense is doing and other circumstances beyond the defense’s control. So far this year, the Eagles allow 4.53 yards per game, which is 3research and developmentThe best in the NFL [behind the Bills and 49ers] and eagles 2second abbreviationThe lowest number in four games since the legendary 1991 defense allowed an incredible 3.92 yards per game.

Interestingly, the top three defensive units in the NFL in terms of yards allowed per game are coached by DeMeco Ryans, Leslie Frazier and Jonathan Gannon. Todd Bulls has 6 . passengersThe tenthand Steve Spagnuolo’s bosses are 8 years oldThe tenth.

10. Another distressing stat: He averages 12.6 yards per finish and interception per 46.9 pass attempts in his career. There is no quarterback in NFL history with at least 500 passing attempts averaging at least 12 yards per achievement and more interceptions per 40 attempts.

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