The internet kicks off Andrew Tate’s toxic jerk from the funniest places

A woman at her computer ignores the crying baby Andrew Tate on the floor who is also on fire.

this is good.
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Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer turned misogynist who recently launched from every major website you can think of For being a piece of bullshit. But his legacy now lives on as an obstacle to everyone’s memes.

In case you’re not online just like the rest of us and wondering why you’re hearing about that idiot on file Kotaku Article, let me explain. Despite claiming that he is not the “Internet Man”, Tate rose to prominence because ofAnd, among other things, his relationship with Twitch Streamers who helped him on their streaming platform. Why are those streamers his podium? It is good content. Not in the sense of being “good” but because his presence in their channels helps shape the debate machine, which in turn has led to increased engagement, all of which reward the platforms with opinions. This in turn allowed Tate to share his sexual views on women and His scheme is completely non-hierarchical (source: trust me brother) For an impressionable young audience. Tate is too Allegations of human trafficking and rape under investigation.

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It’s safe to say that things started to deteriorate for Tate after that Twitch streamer Hassan “Hasanabi” Baker Beat his ass in the free market of ideas with facts and logic about the empirical (not imperial) evidence for why Tate says women can’t drive is just his sweet opinion. Since then, social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok have banned the primary ball from the Internet. sad. Tate managed to post a kind of final message to Tater’s kids on YouTube before he got banned. It’s over an hour and so and so, crying about it.

Tate was banned from producing a tiny amount of clout for God’s favorite sexism: it’s become a meme. People are sharing memes announcing that Tate is barred from entering a parade of exotic places to celebrate his posting of the ban hammer on the internet. TheWe have a moment of laughter over some of the best “Tate Banned” memes.

It’s not often that art imitates life in such an eclectic way, but the meme that Tate was permanently banned from The Sims 3 store just tickles the soul. We at Kotaku would be remiss not to remind you, the gamer, that the Sims 3 store has been shut down for years. But it doesn’t make Tate getting banned there any less funny. He wouldn’t be cut out for The Sims 3 store anyways. It requires good ideas and creativity and he’s recycling sexism and Ponzi schemes from the ‘80s.

Tough break Tate, looks like the internet Press the kill button On any hopes ever raised behind you narrow RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar Application. What a shame too, Tate has Very elegant walkway For someone who probably doesn’t wash his legs.

It takes a lot of talent to be very proficient in wrestling but somehow this geek managed to get rid of it. We wish you success in your future endeavours. He is gone? Damn this guy. What a sign. Shout out to Twitter user @hiddengemmy for using a photo of WWE superstar Ricochet who shares an unfortunate resemblance to Tate. note,. Ricochet is a cool guy who does all the cute snips in the ring and doesn’t look like Tate!

In case you just woke up from a 13 year coma and you still have the Beer Simulator app installed on your phone, first respect for being the least fun person at the party. Second, you missed a lot of nonsense! Third, good luck adjusting to the modern hell scene.

Moving on, I hope Tate wasn’t planning on buying any antiques to display alongside Bugatti and his bed scythe. real aarti He does not take kindly to sexists. good boy.

Needless to say, Tate might have been banned from Splatoon 3 I worked with everyone because Tate seems to me like the kind of guy who thinks video games are for kids. He has a lot of energy “Brother just let me play with the unplugged console”.

It can be said that Tate will fit perfectly in a file The ‘little boy’ work culture Activision Blizzard has been accused of embracing In several studios, women were allegedly sexually harassed.

It’s clear that Tate is going through a hard time not being able to receive praise from Zoomers on Twitch. But for a Top G like him, banning him from fake places like social media hasn’t taken the shine off his bald head. Like washed-up celebrities who cling to the topic by embarrassing themselves Dancing with the starsTate is interviewed by Fox commentator and “The Guy Who Only Asks Questions” Tucker Carlson, tonight. No doubt he will cry about his “cancellation”. Not the highest G behavior, btw.

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