The last Airbender universe character that deserves its own show

The symbol picture The universe is one of the most beloved fantasy worlds in modern media. A four-nation epic spread over 200 years, it’s infused with sophisticated characters and overflows with fantastic story possibilities. Fans, of course, know Aang (Zack Tyler Eisen) and Korra’s (Janet Varney) stories, but there are many characters whose tales are just beginning.

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Netflix isn’t just developing a live reboot of last air series but Paramount + It recently announced several spin-offs for characters from both shows. But, of course, some need it more than others: characters whose origins have to be told or fan favorites who need more time in the spotlight.

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Fire Lord Ozai (Mark Hamill) looms over the entire series. He was always in the shadows until the beginning of the third book. While not physically imposed, it was a terrifying presence that struck fear into the hearts of the viewers. He was a power-hungry tyrant: he apparently killed his father to further his ambition.

But this view of him is somewhat restrained. What exactly led him to become the monster he was? Was he a nice guy once? How much influence did his father have on the man he grew up with? It would be great to see a detailed introduction to these ideas.

see it

Everyone’s favorite tea-loving uncle, Iroh (makobook 1 and 2; Greg Baldwinbook three and beyond), perhaps the most comfortable parental character on the show, sticking to Zuko (Dante Pasco) throughout his emotional journey – even when Zuko treated him like dirt. But outside of his relationship with his nephew, Iroh has a rich past that the public has not been able to see apart from the minuscule details about his attempt to besiege Ba Sing Si and the death of his son Lou Ten.

He was a respected and powerful general in the Fiery Nation’s Army but he was also very humble and kind to those outside his country. His clip in the episode “Tales of Ba Sing Se” was beautiful, and it will be interesting to see more of Iroh as he is about life and helping people.

Kiyoshi’s Avatar

While Aang, Korra and to some extent Roku (Ron PerlmanThey are the avatars whose stories feature prominently, Avatar Kyoshi.Jennifer Hill) is the most popular among fans. Although her story was not focused on her, her impact on the world is felt throughout.

Her hand in the death of Qin the Conqueror, her founding of Kiyoshi warriors, and her tough, tough demeanor, all contributed to the formation of a unique and powerful warrior, even among her fellow avatars. It’s recently been the focus of her spin-off book, The Rise of Kyoshi, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that fans want to see Kyoshi’s adventure come to life on screen.

king bumi

A close friend of Aang before he freezes, Bumi (Andre Soliuzzo) grew up to be the king of Omashu and a chief man in the land. Whereas in over 100 years of his life he has gone a little more crazy, still fearsome, graceful and above all other things wise. His unconventional and often ridiculous methods are often questionable at first glance. But it makes an astonishing amount of sense once he explains his point of view on the problem.

He always had a wonderful view of the world, constantly opening his mind to all possibilities. But how can a man like this become the king of an entire city? Bumi’s story would have a great answer.


It’s just the greatest land in the world and won’t let anyone forget it. Toph Beifong, just 12 years old, became an Earthbending champion and invented the art of Metalbending, going so far as to set up an academy to teach others to master this skill.

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during The legend of Korra, it is revealed that she founded the Police Department in Republic City and had a somewhat turbulent relationship with her daughters before chilling as Yoda in a swamp in her golden years. Blind banditry is more than worthy of its solo adventure; Either way, the ground will shake from excitement.


There is no character in last air The series has gone through a much more important personal journey than this guy. Zuko started out as an exiled prince, traveled the world with his uncle always at his side, became a member of Team Aang, then was crowned a Fire Lord as a hero.

Although his reign was not without conflict, Zuko proved to be better than his predecessors, becoming a peace ambassador in The legend of Korra. Maybe it’s because fans can’t seem to get enough of him, but Zuko’s reign as a fire chief still has many stories to tell.


While the fire lord Ozai was the villain in last airNo other villain in the series had such a gigantic psyche and a malevolent personality than Princess Azola (Gray Delilah). Full of herself, she knew she was the favorite between her dad’s two kids and enjoyed throwing her back in Zuko’s face. But even her father threw her under the bus to conquer her; She had gone mad, which ensured her defeat.

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Although she has yet to experience a proper redemption, and some will argue she doesn’t quite deserve it, recent comics have hinted at a different future for Azula. With no more strength to hold or follow, what kind of trip could she take?


A villain was born with an intense hatred for Fire Nation after they killed his family, Jet (Crawford Wilson) will become the leader of a group of rebels who fought the Firebender soldiers. But while Jet was a good, charismatic young leader, he had a much darker side. He was willing to let innocent people die if it meant revenge. But Jet eventually manages to redeem himself before dying (possibly) fighting the head of Ba Sing Se’s secret police, Long Feng (Clancy Brown).

Jet and his freedom fighters have well-defined personalities and backgrounds. So maybe it’s an origin story or a spin-off showing Jet’s potential to remain an attractive prospect.


what will The Mandalorian It looks as if it was placed in symbol picture Universe? This character could be the key. John (Hill) is a bounty hunter with her Shershaw Nyla (a giant predatory creature resembling a mole), which can sniff out its prey from miles away. While she was initially an enemy of Aang and the gang, she eventually proved useful to “Sozin’s Comet” when it came to finding Iroh.

She was a great character with an excellent skill set at her disposal, but she didn’t get much time to develop. Despite this, its potential is still there; She just needs to unleash it.

cabbage dealer

He might have only appeared in a few tiny appearances the whole time last airbut the cabbage merchant (James C) has proven to be the most beloved gag-running. All this poor cultist wants is to sell cabbage, and the Avatar team continues to search for ways to destroy his prized produce.

Why does he like cabbage so much? Is he able to survive after this calamity? Fans deserve the answers to these questions and see him get a happy ending. Probably Matt Rosenkrantz and GildensternA brilliant piece about how he inadvertently keeps going.

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