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Parents undoubtedly love their children, but they want some time now and then. This is where the babysitter or nanny comes in. If all goes as planned, these local deities could be in and out in a few hours with some extra cash in hand, plus the satisfaction of knowing they helped relieve parental stress for a little while in a while.

However, not every one of these caretakers (or their fees) come out without any problems; Those who suffer from horror consider themselves lucky if they are able to return home after their dire ordeal.

And as these five harrowing episodes of the TV anthology show, childcare can be downright scary…

Tales from the dark side (1983-1988)

Tales from the dark side It wasn’t exactly a straightforward anthology. Often mysterious, existential, and sometimes artistic, this iconic crawler. Fans tend to remember most episodes where the threat has a physical form; This includes “Halloween Candy”, “Inside the Closet” and Seasons of Faith. The majority of the series are more abstract and minimal.

By the fourth season, the last installment before the successor of the series monsters first show, The dark side I’ve largely gotten rid of the overt horrors I’ve shown at times. However, there are exceptions that aren’t nearly as talked about as the previous shows. One of them is a horror story about a babysitter.Hush“.

Based on a story by Xena Henderson“Hush” begins in a real way; exhausted mother (Bonnie GallopOn her way out as the babysitter, JenniferLanning Nile), appears to take care of Buddy (Eric Jason). The mother, who was incredibly deceitful about her plans that evening, leaves thinking that everything will be fine now that Jennifer is here. Of course she has no idea what’s coming to the sitter and the boy whose invention vanished. Throughout the night, Buddy’s homemade vacuum comes alive and goes on a rampage. It even takes a life before the night ends.

As the title might suggest, “silence” is about sound. The killer vacuum cleaner chases after every noise in the house. There isn’t much going on at this mediocre level The dark side An episode that could be considered innovative, but it’s refreshing to see a more physical opponent again before the show finally comes to an end.

crime scene or scene (1984-1985)
baby sitter

This obscure and short-lived anthology originally aired on NBC in the mid-1980s. Three episodes of crime scene or scene It was also released on VHS. On the back of the box, the description reads: “Orson Hosts this mysterious lover’s delight, three complex spine-tingling cases, each presenting a gallery of scammers of suspected celebrities and asking you to discover the culprits.”

Those lucky enough to watch the show when it goes live remember one clip titled “baby sitterWhat seems to be lost with time is Now available againIt is understandable why this story is still with viewers after all these years. Wells usually encourages the audience to help solve the crime being depicted, but here he asks them to drop their police hats, relax, and enjoy the story. Then he adds, “…if you can”.

In the little “babysitter” Tricia (Priscilla WimsHe receives a gift – a witch-like figurine – from a clown.Robert Donner) at her last birthday party. Later, as her parents prepare to leave for the night, Tricia is visibly terrified. Children her age will be afraid of the dark or monsters in the closet, but Tricia’s fear comes from an unexpected source.

The Babysitter is rife with anxiety as Tricia succumbs to her torment (Isabel WalkerBad behavior and cruel tricks. While this story has already ruined expectations once, it does so again in the end when Tricia finally defends herself.

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? (1997-2002)
red-eyed creature


Some sit-ins do not go home just because they live with their employers. This is the case for Maggie (Mary Cheetham), the family’s nanny in “red-eyed creature“.The sterilizers soon find themselves victims of an inexplicable evil in this troubling.” Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? a story.

The problem eventually surfaces after the Sterlings move into their new home with Maggie, who lives in the maid’s dorm. Everything seems good enough at first; The house is beautiful and spacious, and Billy (Colton JamesIt grows in a healthy and caring environment. The ideal life slowly fades once the son sees something strange and scary.

Billy is the first to see the titular monster; A late-night snack turns into a race for survival as the boy sees a pair of disembodied, glowing red eyes in the kitchen. His mother is next to see them, though her husband remains unconvinced. Especially when the red “eyes” seem to be no more than two red lights on the safety system box. The parents consider sending Billy to a therapist before this all gets out of hand, but Maggie says she’ll talk to him instead. That’s when it was revealed that the red-eyed creature was none other than Maggie herself.

It is said that this scary part depends on Reality – after the host Jonathan Frakes It does not provide any actual evidence. However, it was usual for these anthologies to gloss over the details. As for why Maggie terrified her employers and her loved ones, there’s always the theory she did because she wanted to feel needed. She wanted the boy to feel scared so that he would cling to her rather than grow away when he was mature.

Twilight Zone (2002-2003)
the group

Some babysitters go that extra mile when they learn how to take care of children. This is what Jessica Simpson‘s Twilight Zone Miranda character does when she comes to take care of Danielle (Ashley Eidner). Miranda immediately witnesses over-parenting; Danielle’s mother has a well cataloged file ready for the sitter, one that entails a girl’s allergies, phobias, what she is allowed to eat and what she can watch on TV. With everything laid out so clearly, it looks like Miranda has an easy night ahead.

The pot begins to boil as Miranda meets the vast and vibrant collection of Danielle dolls. From there the girl begins to act, pretending that the dolls are alive and goes out to harm her. The sitter turns to her textbook to analyze Danielle and understands her increasingly strange behavior. In any other situation, this would be just a child using imagination to deal with reality. Of course there is more to the story than has been said or shown.

Soon, Danielle’s tantrums become more and more intense, and dolls that mysteriously disappear from their boxes don’t help solve the problem either. Watching the dolls then appearing all over the house is frightening, not to mention indicative of the place”the groupDirected, titled. The episode’s grand development isn’t exactly shocking once it hits the ground running, but it’s a satisfying disruption to traditional roles in these kinds of stories.

Pop star Jessica Simpson’s stunning acting didn’t overshadow the episode itself, and despite some questionable dialogue and ornate dolls, the “group” stands out in the new millennium revival. It’s equal parts horrific and entertaining. This show leaned hard on the shocking side of Twilight Zone canon rather than pay close attention to social experiences or moral messages, and compared to other episodes, this episode eagerly captures the element of horror.

Room 104 (2017-2020)

As one of the most diverse anthologies of recent years appears, Room 104 I was terrified from time to time. And based on the first episode, it’s what audiences expected but rarely received. even so, “Ralphie“A great start to this unique and whimsical series.

Meloni Diaz He plays Meg, who is assigned to take care of a boy in a motel room (also the first and only setting of the series). while the father (Ross PartridgeOut at night, Ralph.Ethan KentAnd the Gavin Kent) opens to his sitter about Ralph. Meg naturally thinks this is standard behavior for children; The boy makes an imaginary friend to live with his life. The more I talk to Ralph, the more Meg realizes that something is off about him and this whole situation.

Throughout the episode, pigeons become a source of dread for the audience first, and later Meg. One minute Ralph talks to Meg, the next Ralph charges from the bathroom so he can attack the babysitter. The story goes from casual to chaotic before delivering a shocking conclusion at the end.

This anthology goes in many directions, many of which are completely off the wall. “Ralphie”, as the program’s first outing, is a hard-to-follow work. It becomes solutions in the end, this ambiguous conclusion It is still under discussion to this day.

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