The LDS author shares the spiritual birth journeys of many who can now bear witness to the truth of Christ in a new book

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Everyone goes through difficult times in life. Some go through painful moments when things feel so dark and desperate that they just want to give up. If you’ve ever felt this level of desperation, Latter-day Saint Steven author Anthony Bishop has a message for you.

And he wrote in his book: “The most troubled soul is often nearer to salvation.” “The Wearing of Christ”.

More than just a satisfying religious book, Wearing Christ takes readers through a process of soul-searching to know their Savior through spiritual rebirth. Many reviewers Emphasize that the Bible does not only teach you about Christ; It helps you really get to know him personally.

To illustrate how this works, Bishop shares the stories of nine “God-born” people during this very process. He describes these experiences as being “on a par with many who have entered God’s presence through a near-death experience,” meaning that people’s hearts are forever changed through access to a complete knowledge of God and their redemption in Christ. .

Bishop hopes that by reading these stories—along with adherence to the relevant doctrine of Christ—readers can understand what a born-again can feel when they also take on the name of Christ through spiritual adoption. . He highlights seven of these stories in chapter eight alone. From one of the early heads of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to their personal acquaintances, each of these accounts will illuminate your belief in the Savior’s ability to fill the heaviest of hearts with a “full glimmer” of hope.

Without spoiling the book, here’s a brief excerpt from some of those stories.

Watch Lorenzo Snow

Of all the spiritual revival stories in his book, Bishop notes, Lorenzo Snow’s story resonates and resembles Bishop’s own experience the most.

Snow described an experience within weeks of his conversion to the church, and long before he became its fifth head, gave Snow a complete knowledge of the truth of God. During a moment of personal prayer he experienced a “tangible immersion in the heavenly principle or element, the Holy Spirit.”

Snow stated in his account: “I learned that he gave me what only a mighty person could give – that of greater value than the worlds of wealth and honors can give.”

That simple experience proved to be a pivotal moment in the life of the future prophet, and he will carry it with him throughout his life.

Reaching the breaking point in prison

Another man shares his story of making wrong decisions that led him to scream to God for help in a dungeon when he was only 18 years old.

He says: “I put my heart on the altar of the Lord and asked for his help and mercy.”

“Immediately the room was filled with light and the presence of Jesus Christ, as if I could see him face to face, but veiled by a veil, came to me and filled my soul with a peace which I cannot describe to this day.”

The LDS author shares the spiritual birth journeys of many who can now bear witness to the truth of Christ in a new book
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Hope in the midst of despair

After the tragic loss of his son by suicide, a desperate man turns to God to help him overcome his pain.

“I began to weep to the Lord from the depths of my suffering. I was overwhelmed with guilt, torment and sadness. … I asked for help, like someone hanging on the edge of a cliff, but without the strength to hold out one more second.”

“Right now, I was ready to give up, and I felt so completely and completely abandoned, hopeless and hopeless, the greatest miracle of my life happened: the Lord spoke to me. His voice was clear, audible, and unmistakable. … I felt myself lifted out of hell, and filled with With indescribably wonderful feelings of peace and hope. I felt as if I had been spiritually reborn.”

Fighting personal demons

A young missionary sister with an eating disorder and perfection-seeking tendencies shared how the Lord raised her during her darkest moments.

“It was as if [the Savior] They were simply waiting for me to admit to myself that I needed a strength beyond mine, and his permission to heal me. “He wasn’t expecting me to offer anything I couldn’t,” she said.

“I gave everything I had and that was enough. That moment made every minute of my suffering and pain worth it. The joy was indescribable.”

Read the full stories in “The Wearing of Christ”

These are just small previews of the stories you’ll read about when you pick up The Wearing of Christ. You can order a copy at book site or on Amazon. The book was recently released in audio format and will soon be available in ten languages.

“Putting on Christ” is an Amazon bestseller in nine categories and is among the bestselling books ever written on Amazon. All profits from the book will go to remarketing the book as well as helping to feed and house the homeless.

In the words of the author, “The road is real and it is coming. Don’t waste time.” Pick up your copy of Christ’s clothing today!

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