‘The Legend’ returns home after James Bond night

Konrad GreenIt’s so good to have you back as executive producer Dancing with the stars! First, we get Derek Hough to run like a spy and go down to the dance floor before helping Beta Murgatroyd unleash the fiery opening number to Live and Let Die. Just like ancient times when Dancing with the stars She was in her glory years on ABC.

Let’s go with Bond Knight, James Bond Night on Disney+.

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Cheryl Ladd and Louis van Amstel. The veteran actress thought she was doomed last week, but Goodman — his heart’s blessing — saved her for another day. So I dug up an old photo of her and Sean Connery for inspiration to be the “Bond girl I could never have been” during a Rumba performance. elegant! “That was your best dance,” said Judge Hogg. “This couldn’t be better. By the way, you look so beautiful. Let’s go, Cheryl!” result: 24 of 40

Jesse James Decker and Alan Bursten. The country star went the extra mile by dipping herself in gold in order to get her rumba to be ‘Goldfinger’. But some judges did not shine in the strong performance. Were they hoping it would sink to the bottom or what? “You have to work on your feet,” Judge Lynn Goodman said. “Your foot movements weren’t great.” result: 26 of 40

Joseph Baena and Alexis War. Bomer, man: His partner, Daniela Karajaz, was still out of the house after testing positive for Covid before last week’s show. So Warr got another chance to dance with the bodybuilder, who showed off his strength by lifting it above his head while dancing the Argentine tango. “It lacked a bit of fluidity. I didn’t really like that elevator, it was out of character,” Goodman said. “But bottom line, I think it was your best dance so far.” result: 29 of 40

Sam Champion and Sheryl Burke. The former weatherman remembered how he and his dad didn’t talk for years after he came out of the closet. But my dear dad eventually showed his pride in his son, giving Champion the confidence he needed—like, say, whenever he had to perform samba in front of a studio audience (which included GMARobin Roberts). “You have such a natural joy that I think it may have worked a bit against you in this dance,” said Judge Carrie Ann Inaba. “Let your body go a little more.” result: 25 of 40

Vinnie Guadagnino and Coco Iwasaki. The jersey party boy is sent to a mini etiquette class to learn how to play a sophisticated character during his rumba movie “Thunderbolt.” Honestly, the best part of his otherwise memorable performance was when the photographer cut two unrecognizable women in the audience, who were referred to simply as “Vinney’s Friends”. “You have to start getting the details,” Inaba said. “Watch the nuances in your hands, which means maybe they’ll be practicing a few more hours. No disagreement, that’s all respect.” result: 23 of 40

Trevor Donovan and Emma Slater. The 90210 The actor gets the hang of this sexy ballroom dancing thing: He starts the tango with a somersault on the stage before pulling back to Slater and grabs her neck. Did he raise her leg later and pretend it was a rifle? God I think he did. “I tried a very difficult routine,” said Judge Bruno Tonioli. result: 27 of 40

Selma Blair and Sasha Farber. The actress admitted to “MS” freezing her leg last week during the party. So why not make it more difficult and blindfold her this week? Aside from Farber’s odd choice of props, the actress also made it sexy by keeping her hips busy and performing splits again. “Inspirational as always,” said Tonioli. “It was a little difficult, my dear. I have a Nicole Kidman vibe.” result: 28 out of 40

Jordan Sparks and Brandon Armstrong. The singer’s rumba was a little disappointing, and her quiet music, “License to Kill,” didn’t really help. “You need to spot faster and lock your feet close together,” Hogg said of the turns. “There are a lot of roles in all of your dances. Work on those.” result: 29 of 40

Shangela and Gleb Savchenko. The drag queen opened her rumba with a steamy solo before taking in the gorgeous rumba to Tina Turner’s “Golden Eye”. Shangela was finally in her element under the mirror ball. “The damned girl who was fierce!” Annaba said. result: 30 of 40

Daniel Durant and Brett Stewart. The deaf actor was still riding high after earning his first 8 last week. But his confidence was put to the test with Roomba this week, which isn’t easy to reckon with as he tries to look mysterious and luxurious. However, judges still admired his perseverance. I mean who wouldn’t it be? “I’ll say, what I loved took to lead that dance. I could have seen you lead that dance, you weren’t just holding on, hoping for the best,” said Goodman. result: 31 of 40

Heidi de Amelio and Artem Chigvintsev. The Hulu reality star looked tired halfway to the Argentine tango, but her body showed no signs of wear. She persuaded the rulers with her narrow and ruthless movements. “This was your best dance so far!” Hough said. “It was so good, so strong, it played into your strengths. That was great.” result: 32 out of 40

Gabe Wendy and Val Chmerkowski. The Bachelorette felt like an imposter, especially in the face of trained dancers like Wayne Brady and Charlie Di Amelio. But Cha Cha was definitely skilled enough to make her perform the last issue of the night. “I went for it!” said Hogg. “Overall, great cha cha.” result: 33 out of 40

Wayne Brady and Whitney Carson. The Let’s make a deal The host, not entirely happy with how age was taking its increasingly painful knees, tango to a Bond classic. Stop complaining, game show guy: your moves hurt Very well. “That was my first ballroom dance and I was worried about how to handle it. I congratulate you. I thought you coped great,” Goodman said. result: 33 out of 40

Charlie D’Amelio and Mark Ballas. The social media star must be feeling great after sitting at the top of the leaderboard for two weeks in a row. But it is not good enough! Fortunately, her skilled partner engineered a killer rumba that ended with drinking a poisonous potion and “death” at the end of the issue. Audience members Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Parker seemed to like it! “Three weeks we’ve been watching you dance and three weeks you’ve been dancing great. Beautiful feet. Beautiful legs. It had a beautiful ending,” Goodman said. result: 33 out of 40

The bottom couple were Champion, Burke, Van Amstel, and Ladd. Tonioli, Inaba, and Hough vote to save Champion, so it’s time for Ladd to go.

“Louie is the best. He was a great teacher and had a lot of fun. When you’re a legend, you’ve lived a long time. “I had so much fun,” Ladd said.

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