The rivalry between Tkachuk’s siblings heated up after Matthew’s deal to the Panthers

Henderson, Nev. Brady Tkachuk She turns 23 on Friday, so the Ottawa Senators planned to take advantage of staying in Las Vegas for the NHL North American Player Media Tour by partying Thursday night with Big Brother. Matthew Tkachuk from the Florida Panthers and a few other players in town for this event, including Jack Hughes New Jersey Devils, Queen Hughes From Vancouver Canucks and Robert Thomas St. Louis Blues.

“I don’t know all the details, but I know it’s going to be late,” Matthew Tkachuk said Thursday at Lifeguard Arena in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nevada. “…the fact that we have a group of us together in Vegas is going to be a blast tonight, I’m sure.”

In this way, the Tkachuks relationship did not turn off the ice due to the July 22 trade that sent Matthew and a conditional fourth-round selection in the NHL 2025 Draft from Calgary Flames to the Panthers forward. Jonathan Huberdeaudefense Mackenzie and jealouspotential forward Cole Schwendt A conditional first-round pick in the 2025 draft. The bond between them remains strong.

But the brothers quickly realized after the trade that the ice-on-ice dynamic would be different between them as Matthew joined Brady in the Atlantic section.

“Excitement when [the trade] It happened, it was pure happiness,” Brady Tkachuk He said. “But all of a sudden we started thinking, ‘Okay, well, this isn’t just fun and games anymore. “These are going to be some big matches going forward.”

The Tkachuks have gone from being teams in different conferences, which means playing two regular, family-friendly games between them each season, to three intense regular season encounters this season, the first on October 29 in Florida. These matches will affect the Stanley Cup race in the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference with the Tactics likely to compete head-to-head in the playoffs series for several seasons to come.

Matthew signed an eight-year connection with Florida after his trade and Brady signed for another six seasons with Ottawa.

“These are four-point games. They mean a ton,” said Matthew Tkachuk, the 24-year-old striker who scored a NHL high with 42 goals, 62 assists and 104 points in 82 games last season for Calgary. “I’m sure our teams will have play-offs. It’s just very important matches for several years.”

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The Panthers (58-18-6) won the President’s Cup by leading the NHL with 122 points last season and are expected to be strong contenders for the Stanley Cup once again with the addition of Matthew Tkachuk. Although the Senators (33-42-7) finished seventh in the Atlantic last season, they are optimistic about their chances of qualifying for the playoffs for the first time since 2017 after completing their talented young core with a signature forward. Claude Giroud To a three-year contract as an unrestricted free agent, obtaining a contract Alex DeBrinkat In trade with Chicago Blackhawks and added a goalkeeper Cam Talbot In trade with Minnesota Wild.

Brady Tkachuk had a career high in the National Hockey League with 30 goals, 37 assists and 67 points in 79 games last season.

“Eventually down the road, we’re going to play those big games and play-off games and one of us is going home,” he said. “So it definitely changes from a more fun aspect to adapting to more business and games to be won… I feel bad for my mom. She will be the most nervous of anyone in the world watching that.”

Matches between Brady and Matthew have always looked more difficult for Chantal Tkachuk than their father, former NHL striker Keith Tkachuk. Chantal made them vow not to fight before their first NHL game against each other in 2019.

That promise still applies despite the expected increased intensity of their matches now that they are contenders in the division.

That doesn’t change,” said Brady Tkachuk. “It just changes how hard we play against each other, but we’ll never cross that line.”

And if the Senators don’t qualify, don’t expect to see Brady in the stands rooting for Matthew in the playoffs, as he did when he traveled to Calgary to watch the Flame meet against the Edmonton Oilers in the second round of the Western Conference last season. Or vice versa.

It’s all over,” said Brady Tkachuk. “This was a one-time thing.”

But Matthew and Brady plan to keep having dinner together the night before their matches, schedule permitting, and encourage the other to do well when they’re not facing each other – from a distance.

“I’m still his biggest supporter, and he’s still mine,” Matthew Tkachuk said. “We want each other to do well on a personal level, but at the end of the day, I want to beat his team very badly and he wants to beat my team. So, matches mean a lot now.”

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