The Utah state musician moves to Los Angeles after the success of TikTok

Alayna Grace Thompson, of North Salt Lake, recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a professional musician. (Joseph Lee)

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NORTH SALT LAKE – The latest popular social networking app TikTok sensation by the 22-year-old We have Thomsona musician from North Salt Lake, whose recent success led her to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.

Thompson, better known as Alayna Grace, has been posting on TikTok three times a day for several months without breaking her record of 300 followers. But her persistence paid off when one video who sang it Cover of “Make It to Me” by Sam Smith It went viral. In the past year, her follower count has grown from around 300 to more than 840,000 people.

Prior to her success on TikTok, Thompson tried to quit “The Voice” several times, but it was unsuccessful. However, after the virus spread, “American Idol” approached her and asked her to get tested. After going through the first few rounds of the show, she’s decided to back off and go in a different direction, although she’s open to being on the show in the future.

When TikTok creators and other music producers from Los Angeles began reaching out to her for collaborative work, she and her husband decided they would move there during their gap year before applying for physician assistance programs.

“I… love the creativity of L.A., because everyone here is doing the same thing that you do… they all have these very creative vibes for themselves and it’s like a place that is very easy to navigate, so it’s very nice to be surrounded,” Thompson said.

One of the musicians I collaborated with is from Provo, and they have connections from Los Angeles. Oppa boner is part of The Bonner family He is known as the artist/music producer Obeeyay.

He moved from Utah to Los Angeles as a freshman in high school to pursue music professionally. Every day after school, he would go to a recording studio to fit in with Grammy Award-winning producers and songwriters who had worked with artists like JoJo, Queen Latifah, and Lady GaGa. He even worked on some sessions with Queen Latifah and JoJo.

Obeeyay’s current focus is on performing in concerts and he recently signed to a recording company called Wonderwild Records. He and Thompson collaborated on her upcoming single, “Tell Me Don’t Worry.”

The music industry is very competitive, but Obeeyay said he believes Thompson distinguishes herself by consistently posting her music on social media.

“First of all, she’s incredibly talented,” he said, “but the most important and most important in my opinion is just getting along with her and continuing to work hard, and that’s what she’s doing.”

He also said that her personality – and the fact that she’s such an amazing person – also sets her apart.

On a daily basis, Thompson shoots videos and posts them online, writes music and sends emails for brand deals. They also communicate with people, email labels, and producers. In addition to her daily endeavours, she has released many original and cover songs on Spotify and Apple Music and photographed Music videos on YouTube.

In the long run, Thompson wants to support herself financially through music, by touring and signing on to a record company. Her next short-term goal is to make one of her original songs go viral on social media.

A highlight of her career, so far, has been that she was able to open to Colbie Caillat at one of Caillat’s concerts in November of 2021.

“Just being able to play music every day and get paid for it is crazy to me, so that’s another big plus…it’s just something I never imagined would happen,” Thompson said.

Thompson said her style is a mix of Olivia Rodrigo and Tate McRae. She is also inspired by Beyoncé.

Keeping track of music is not easy. Thompson said it’s tough because she often compares herself to others in the industry and focuses on areas where they are doing well that she feels are lacking.

If you want it bad enough, it will happen.

– Alina Thompson, a budding artist

“I think one of the things that has helped me is that I have something on the whiteboard where you say, ‘Be grateful for where you are,’” Thompson said. “And so I always try to remind myself, ‘I’m here now, and I need to be grateful for…what I come from’, because a year ago, I would have never thought I’d ever get followers, and so I should be grateful I have that.” , As you know “.

Thompson said she would encourage anyone trying to realize a dream that you haven’t yet seen fly to “keep persevering, and maintain consistency in what you’re doing…if you want it bad enough, it will.”


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